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Dec 26, 2013 07:50 PM

specific San Antonio questions

My husband and I will be traveling with 3 members of my family who aren't adventurous eaters. We want to have at least one nice dinner together and are going to be staying near the river walk. They are also pretty thrifty so nothing too spendy.

Next question - NYE. Where to go for a drink or two for the husband and I? I'm looking for a nice atmosphere...definitely not something in the middle of the party. Festive is nice...but we are in our 40's and are fine with not being in the center of the action. there good BBQ in SA?? We will only be in town 2 nights and don't want to drive out of the downtown area. Will be traveling up from Corpus Christi anything on the way would be nice too.

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  1. Well, our NYE itinerary in SA is Ruth's Chris (9pm) then walk the Alamo Plaza/Hemisfair area for a funnel cake, then maybe to the Menger bar till midnite and if it's crowded, we'll take our drinks out to the lobby and people watch. Can't help with the BBQ, never really found any GOOD bbq so we always wind up going to Rudy's

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      Is everything going to be super crowded...i.e. unable to get in anywhere? And that's a bummer about the bbq!

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        New Year's Eve is a big thing in SA. The city closes down the street from Hemisfair Plaza to the Alamo and it's one big block party. One year they estimated 250000 people there.