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Dec 26, 2013 07:30 PM

Texas De Brazil or Fogo De Chao

Wondering if there is one that is topping over the other at this point. I know Texas De Brazil is newer in the area so I can't find as many reviews. Looking to go there Saturday night. Our friends specifically asked which one had a better salad bar but I'm also obviously concerned about all the food, considering it is a Brazilian Steakhouse. Thanks.

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  1. Though I haven't been to the FDC in Houston, been to the one in San Antonio once. Didn't like it. We've been to the TDB both in Houston and San Antonio and love them both. I can't describe the differences other than to say the wait staff at TDB were infinitely more accommodating and friendly. You won't be disappointed at Texas De Brazil

    1. I do love the cheese biscuits at Fogo. Just addicting.

      1. I have not been to TDB but I have heard great things. If you are a member of Sam's they offer $100 in gift cards for $80 or so. Also, if you sign up for the TDB email club they will send you a free meal for your birthday, a friend of mine told me who is a big fan.

        Love FDC and have not had a bad meal there. Great meat and also a good salad bar so...

        1. My wife and I went to Texas De Brazil Thursday night and found it to be pretty good. I won't say it was wonderful for the same reason none of the Brazilian Steakhouses are wonderful. Too much salt on some of the meats.

          Service was impeccable. Plates were changed out in intervals, we were constantly asked if there was some meat we wanted, drinks were refilled perfectly.

          The salad bar was wonderful and there was something for everyone. The soup was Lobster Bisque and it rivaled any Lobster Bisque in the city (but no lobster in the soup).

          Meats were perfectly cooked although several were way too salty, but then again, Fogo and all of the others have the same problem.

          Yes, it was a little pricey at $45 (approx) per person, but we had a birthday coupon that I received from their email club for a free meal with one purchased. With 1 glass of wine and 1 cocktail the bill was $77 before tip and we walked out stuffed and we will be back.

          On another note, we have used a Groupon at Nelore on Montrose and found their food as good as the big boys and it is a little less expensive.