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Dec 26, 2013 06:52 PM

Spots on new copper pot?!? Please help


I just received a 1.9 qt Mauviel copper saucepan for xmas. It is my first foray into copper cookware. It looks beautiful, I love the weight, etc. However, on the outside, opposite the side with the handle, there are several spots in the copper. They almost look like burn marks from the manufacturing process.

Before I attempt to clean this, or return it for an exchange, I would love some help from the chowhounders on what these spots may be and my best course of action.

Pic attached. I can add more if needed.

Thank you

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  1. Totally normal - copper spots and tarnishes with use. No need to return it or wait to use it. Nice xmas present!

    Get a tub of Mauviel Copperbrill cleaner for the exterior and a can of Barkeeper's Friend for the interior (don't use BKF on the outside, the grit is much grainier than the copper polish).

    1. I too bought my first piece of copper cookware recently: a Bourgeat saute pan. My pan has similar marks as well. From reading copper threads here, I learned that Bourgeat makes cookware primarily for restaurants, and the pans are not finished flawlessly. Surprisingly, the one I got had fewer blemishes than I expected. It is a thing of beauty and exudes quality.

      If it really bothers you, exchange it by all means. Happy cooking!

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        Respectfully, I disagree--don't exchange it. If it really bothers you, it would be best to avoid copper. Copper does not and will not stay in any one state. If you touch it, it will tarnish where you touched it. If you put it on the stove, it will darken where heat hits it. If food drips down the side, it will have streaks down the side. On the whole, it will steadily go from bright and shiny to dark brown. If the pretty factor is paramount, then you need never to touch or use it, or you'll need to polish it after every use. If you can get used to spots, marks, stains, and tarnish, then you have what is basically the best saucepan money can buy. Use it, and enjoy it (and marvel at the many shades your pot will take on before it finally turn brown; then polish it and start over)!

        What I see in your photo looks like a light tarnish from handling. It's normal. I hope you enjoy it!

      2. Yep. Copper spots and discolors.

        Takes a bit of work to keep them shiny if that matters to you.

        I use Barkeepers Friend on the exterior of my one mauviel copper pan