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Dec 26, 2013 05:47 PM

Jamie Oliver at Sobey's

So we have lazy nights and sometimes toss frozen stuff in the oven for dinner. Did this one day last week with Jamie Oliver's seafood pie from Sobey's, thinking anything with his name on it at the least wouldn't be vomitous. Sooooo wrong, it was a lumpy vomitous paste. Be forewarned. Feed it only to people you really don't like. (Just returned from Sobey's and it jogged my memory)

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  1. We had the ham twice and it's fantastic. The beef roast was ok. The cut too cheap but seasoning was great. the garlic focaccia was good too.

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      Agreed, the ham is amazing. Generally speaking any of the pre-prepped dinners from Sobeys are bad. Costco's are much better, but even then, blech.

    2. I didn't mind the seafood pie. I needed more seasoning so I added some smoked paprika, salt and pepper then served it with some wilted greens. I wouldn't serve it to anyone as it does look like a big white mess but still. Not bad for frozen.