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Dec 26, 2013 05:47 PM

Lobster dinners in South Bay Area

I'd like some recommendations for a good lobster dinner for a friends birthday in the SouthBay area. 25 mile radius from Torrance will work. Thanks

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  1. Several places at the Redondo Pier will make you a live lobster.

      1. I second Baron's rec's.

        I saw a place in Torrance... $20 Sunday lobster special at a place called Fish Bonz in Torrance, near the AMC theater. The lobsters weren't huge and it's a plastic utensil kinda place.

        Not sure what you're looking for or how much you're willing to spend. Can it be any lobster (Maine vs local)? Can it be prepared in a dish or are you looking for steamed, grilled, etc?

        There are plenty of seafood chinese places you could take your friend and they will prepare lobster dishes for you both.

        1. Mesquite broiled lobster tail at Crab Cooker is outstanding!
          It has kept us coming back since the mid sixties.

          The Crab Cooker
          2200 Newport Blvd.,
          Newport Beach CA 92663
          (949) 673-0100

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            Yeah, it's great when they have the local lobster special. Their chowder is awesome too. Love the slaw.

          2. Thanks for all the input.We were all talking one day, and my friend mentioned finding a decent lobster dinner. 1st. place that popped in my head was "Valley Center Casino" all you can eat lobster buffet. Someone mentioned "Koury's"