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Dec 26, 2013 03:22 PM

BBQ Shrimp pairing?

I am making NOLA BBQ shrimp and need a wine or beer pairing with it. Any suggestions?

Thanks and Happy New Year.

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    1. Nothing beats a cold Abita with BBQ shrimp but there are so many good winter brews available that would work. Support a local micobrew choice to make it special. We have been drinking a bit more Reisling these days which also might work.
      Here's the real deal recipe which I have made.

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        Thanks for the recipe. Question... after the shrimp is basically cooked, do you remove them from the skillet while adding the butter in a bit at a time or do you keep them in the skillet? I'm a bit afraid of overcooking the shrimp if they're left in.


          1. re: Leepa

            There is a timing trick but remember you are using a lot of butter (or margarine if you believe the old Manales' recipe). that will slow the cooking to a degree and you are adding those blocks in chunks. Some seafood stock is often used at the end..leave it warm or cool when added. Ideally you run it up to "just about cooked" when you pull it and serve.

            As to pairings, I never gave it any thought. Beer is obvious with that much garlic and pepper. In the 1960s I learned that Indian curry was often served with an IPA in the old British Colonial days and that would be a similar idea here

        1. Everything will cook quickly but big shrimp can handle it. A problem may be fresh shrimp versus frozen Thai or Philippine or Chinese or who knows. Finding high quality head on shrimp is not easy.

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            head on down to the Shrimp Lot in Westwego. right off the boat...

          2. For me, a nice QmP GR Riesling, at probably the Sp├Ątlese level. A producer, such as Ernst Loosen, would be ideal. The bit of RS, plus the big fruit-forward characteristics will work with almost whatever "heat" you bring to the Shrimp.



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              I can always learn from you ( well,you ARE so much older) [Grin] What you say makes sense..I need to keep up more on producers....but, then, I have you to rely on. Many, many thanks.

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                Actually, Bill, I'd prefer a Kabinett - perhaps from Joh.Jos. Christoffel . . . though I certainly wouldn't say no to something from Loosen! ;^)

                When we do BBQ shrimp at home, we typically do open a Riesling, but in New Orleans, if the Arbita (or Bayou Teche) is on tap . . .