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Dec 26, 2013 02:16 PM

Bagel recipe other than Reinhart's?

Out of two batches using Peter Reinhart's recipe for bagels, I had one huge success (see photo) and one "meh" (see no photos, because they aren't pretty enough) batch that tastes ok but sort of got weirdly bumpy and wrinkly looking coming out of the water bath. I'm guessing I misjudged my rise time on the second batch. But anyway..

Do you use the Reinhart recipe, or another? I prefer NYC style bagels with a good bit of bite-back, so I kneaded well and did a 2 minute boil, fwiw and so you know the type I'm looking to make.

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  1. Is there malt and sponge in the recipe?

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    1. re: Siegal

      Yup. I'm skipping the malt (I have the sponge for another batch going now, with fingers crossed) and using brown sugar with a bit of corn syrup instead. I was surprised that the flavor was spot on, as far as I recall (it's been over 15 years since I've lived in NY), so I'm not too concerned there.

      The recipe does call for instant yeast, which I don't use, so that's another factor I have to work around with the recipe with what I've generally got on hand.

      1. re: shanagain

        What was wrong with the texture? ALOT of places steam bake in a convection oven the bagels now so maybe it's the old school boiling that is throwing you off

        1. re: Siegal

          What's weird is that the batches turned out SO differently. As you can see, the first batch was perfect - the crust had just the right chew, ditto to the interior. The second batch looked the same all of the way through, right until boiling them. They kind of collapsed down a bit resulting in a prettttty funky looking nosh.

          The more I think about it, the more it has to be the rise-time.

          1. re: shanagain

            Maybe you left one uncovered for a different amount of time then another and it formed a skin ( good!) but not too many days or too few hours (bad!)

            1. re: Siegal

              I'm going to guess too few hours.

              The first batch may or may not have been finished (boiled and baked) on a Saturday morning where there was copious drinking the previous night... The next batch may've been taken underway sober from start to finish. IOW, I bet I slept a heck of a lot later for that first batch. ;)

              Found this picture on google - it's close to what the 2nd batch looked like, though mine were a bit more browned. http://bottomupfood.files.wordpress.c...

    2. my grandma always boiled them in the water from boiled potatoes - something about the extra starch.

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      1. re: teezeetoo

        Very interesting, I'll keep that in mind for the future!

      2. The Reinhart recipe is really fabulous. I do use barley malt, and instant yeast. I find boiling the bagels a little before a full overnight rest in the freezer to be okay, but three days is too long. I get really consistent results from this formula.

        Did you remember to test for the perfect retard moment?

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        1. re: smtucker

          hangsheadinshame... No. I was following a recipe that paraphrased his and didn't include the cold water test. I will make sure to do so tonight.

          1. re: shanagain

            I think you have found your answer! Phew! I always prefer the non-voodoo reasons. Where is this paraphrase? I am willing to review for you for other changes.

            1. re: smtucker

              A friend gave it to me, and basically the only thing other than the retard was that he cooks them at 450 for the entirety, rather than 500 then down to 450.

              So, they're in the fridge now waiting for me to get my act together, here's hoping for a perfect batch. :)

        2. UPDATE: More beautiful bagels today, ready for toasting tomorrow (we're heading to my parents tonight and toasting is how we roll unless they're right out of the oven). I give, this recipe is perfect, even if I am not. Decidedly not. Forsurenowaynot.