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Dec 26, 2013 02:00 PM

Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival

We have been invited to spend a couple of days at the festival.

If anyone has any general observations, that might help with the go/no-go decision, I would be appreciative.

I like wine but my wife is not a big fan. The festival does seem very heavy on the wine...versus food.

Perhaps I am misinterpreting the information I'm reading.

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  1. Where will you be coming from?
    Will you be driving?
    Have you been to Hilton Head before this trip?

    yes, I've been to the festival. More info from you will help focus reply. thanks

    1. Sorry for the dearth of detail...but we're still scheming.

      We are from Madison, Wisconsin. This is our first trip to Hilton Head.

      We will have a rental car after having landed in Savannah.

      Still do not know a thing about accomodations.

      We plan to be there for just two or three days.

      Essentially, can we expect the festival itself to solely occupy two to three days, or should we begin looking for additional dining/drinking/entertainment?

      Again, sorry for the absence of detail.

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      1. re: Monch

        Hi Monch - sorry for the delay and thanks for the details.

        I've done a 6 month residency in Madison - strategically I arranged to be there from May through October :->

        If the weather is lovely you may not want to leave. You will love the weather and the location. March can be one of the nicest - if unpredictable - times of the year. It is not unusual to have days for shorts and t-shirts at the beach, but it can turn very chilly and windy/rainy so come prepared - which should include something for beautiful warm-ish and sunny days.

        HH is an island, well insulated from the remainder of the state by setting and $. The Wine Festival is a 'created event' started by the hospitality industry to increase tourism and attract interest at a time of year when there had been less - mainly golf - in the past. Nothing wrong with that. The recent focus has increasingly been on wine and celebrity food events. Its a good setting for those. Food emphasis is on chefs and restaurants, expensive and mostly glamorous but 'casual elegance' is a well developed art there.. There will likely be (and I hope will be) something like a well-appointed/catered oyster roast - shrimp boil - again with an emphasis on wines to go with those foods. I attended it through a friend working on nearby Seabrook, and have spent some time organizing conferences and meetings on HH.

        A glance at G&G (Garden and Gun magazine) or coverage of the Wine Fest in Charleston City paper in past years may give you other perspectives.

        There is little left of the HH once known - If you want to get a glimpse of that from true lovers of the SC lowcountry, I urge you (and any CH headed that way) to read John Martin Taylor (hoppin John) and Sallie Ann Robinson.

        You can certainly stay busy at the Wine Fest events. They can easily fill your days. HH is a well-groomed resort, most of the terrain has been manicured and managed but the sea and the beach are as always, beyond harnessing.

        When you come, walk on the beach early in the morning, even on a cloudy day there's nothing like that wide sandy front porch and the diving birds. I wish you good travel.

      2. As I recall, and correct me if I'm wrong, its held in late March. I haven't attended in a few years. Its 90% wine and is attended by thousands. Supposedly the largest winefest on the east coast. If the weather's good it can be fun.

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        1. re: DaleJ

          Thanks, Dale.

          If it truly IS 90% wine, I'm not sure my wife will enjoy.

          I'll make sure she's informed. I appreciate the insight.