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Dec 13, 2005 07:59 PM

tamales in Austin?

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I need to buy some tamales in Austin for a party and have no insider source. I know I can get them from Central Market (I think theirs are good, but not crazy good) but I would rather have a personal recommendation.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance . . .

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  1. Try Nueva Onda on College, a little block-long street just off the intersection of Oltorf and S. Congress. They make good traditional tamales and several other varieties.

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      Nueva Onda gets their tamales from San Antonio, but because of this you can also buy them cold (frozen?).

    2. Guero's has some good ones, and El Sol Y La Luna has some awesome banana leaf tamales.

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      1. Okay - I'm not sure that what I'm about to tell you is acceptable... there is a beer bar on Burnet Rd. between 183 and Rutland called C Hunts. I have to admit that I have not been in about a year but used to meet friends there regularly. Therre was a very nice gentleman that came around 7:00 or so to sell his fresh homemade tamales. The spicy pork ones were fabulous!!! I have hispanic friends and neighbors that I brought these to as gifts. They agreed about the quality and flavor. If you are so inclined, you could always call the place and see if he still delivers. This is a personal recommendation and would probably be excellent business for this gentleman. Oh, by the way, C Hunts used to be opened after 4:00 on weekdays only. Again, I haven't been in awhile. Forgot to mention, very inexpensive!

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