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Dec 26, 2013 12:43 PM

Anyone Try Santouka Ramen Yet?

Just wondering if any Hawaii CH'rs have tried this place and what your impression is? Going to go there one day with my son who is back home for winter break and is a shoyu ramen lover. Thanks.

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  1. not yet, but remember its right next to AAA Local BBQ with the best chicken Katsu in Honolulu. LOL

    look forward to your report on the Ramen c.g.

    1. thanks for reminding me
      i have to post about agu

      check back in a few

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          search agu on this board
          making a post about it as we speak

      1. My parents enjoyed it, but go for the shio ramen which is their specialty. Said the shoyu ramen was only meh.

        1. i have, and it was delicious. Went with my friend who prefers more subtle broths (shoyu), while i almost always go with the stronger tan-tan and spicy broths (really like tan tan at goma tei and gomaichi, as well as the spicy tsukemen at kiwami). We followed suit: he ordered a shoyu ramen combo with their char siu locomoco, and i ordered the kara miso with the tonriku pork cheek upgrade as well as an aji tama egg on the side. Everything was fantastic, except the egg that came with my friends combo >>> its not an aji tama, it was a way over hard boiled egg with some thousand island dressing. I did not understand it....he and i had one bite each and let it be. not worth the space in the stomache. My aji tama egg was an entirely different story, being wonderfully soft boiled and pleasantly marinated in the sweet shoyu situation, with a little of that sauce in the bowl. could have eaten a half dozen of these. My kara miso ramen was an intensly, deeply flavored broth that i quite enjoyed. decent spice level. the noodles were good, pretty firm. the star of the show is those pork cheeks though. wow. served on the side with the rest of the toppings so as to not overcook the pork, the slices have a nice small layer of fat, and are insanely tender with a natural sweetness that complimented and shined through the broth when constructing a "combo" bite. fantastic. my friends shoyu broth was also nice, albeit more subtle. he got the regualr char siu and it looked reasonable thick and very tender though i didnt try it. his little loco moco was also super tasty, a perfectly soft egg on char siu chunks and a dark brown gravy. would get again. looking forward to returning....would highly recommend upgrading to those pork cheeks!

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            I just went on Saturday for lunch. Had the kara miso w/ toroniku and ajitama as well. Loved it just like you did. Tried the shio as well which was great as a lighter option. Excellent broth as well.

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              Great! Thanks for the reports fastern and killersmile. Will be going later this week, at the latest next week. Looking forward to it.

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                Just want to mention that it was lucky I went early on Saturday. Not a large place - 7 counter seats, 2 4-tops, & 3 2-tops, I think. Got there about 15 minutes before opening. Write your name & party size on the sign-in sheet. Was 3rd on the list so no problem getting seated. By the time I left, there were a bunch of parties waiting outside. The wait was probably at least a half hour if you weren't in the first seating. When I passed by around 5:30pm on a weekday, there was no line and the restaurant was practically empty. Easier if you go at off-peak hours or on a weekday.

            2. So my son and I went to Santouka for lunch today. It seemed like a perfect day for ramen, cool, overcast with some light showers. I was especially looking forward to it since Santouka was featured the other night on KIKU's Los Angeles ramen program.

              We arrived about 12:30 pm and waited 20 minutes or so to be seated, not bad for lunch hour. My son ordered a large shoyu ramen, I had the regular sized, signature shio ramen and we shared an order of gyoza.

              The shio was light and creamy with a mild flavor. Noodles were cooked perfectly and the charsiu pork was tender and flavorful. The gyoza was ok, but nothing special.

              The shio was fine, but I much preferred the shoyu ramen. The shoyu was tastier, also light but with a deeper, full bodied flavor. It reminded be a bit of the soup at Taishoken which was on Keeaumoku Street, a few years back which we really liked.

              All in all a nice addition to the ramen scene here and I will have to go again with my wife so she can give it a try.

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                Hmm, maybe i'll have to give the shoyu a try then. I used to like Taishoken. Although both my parents whose preference is shoyu ramen preferred the shio to the shoyu at Santouka.