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Dec 26, 2013 11:08 AM

Recommendation for flexitarian veggie-friendly restaurant.

We have been traveling to Miami with family these last few years around the holidays and been struggling to find restaurants that work for everyone. In-laws are fairly conservative meat eaters while several of us are vegetarian. It seems Miami restaurants are either/or, and not many menus cater to both.

The ideal restaurant would be flexitarian--strong vegetarian (vegan ideal) healthy options that do not involve pasta, but also meat options for meat eaters. Nothing too fancy. We thought Books and Books Cafe would be perfect but in laws didn't like...Japanese and Thai and Mexican are out. We are staying Collins Ave and 67th but have a car, just don't want to drive more than 20 min. Thanks!

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  1. I have not been in a LONG time (and a couple chef changes ago), but I would start with Canyon Ranch right in North Beach a block away from your home base. The meals I had there were surprisingly good.

    Mandolin Aegean Bistro near Design District would also be a good option - lots of vegetarian meze and salads that you could put together a meal from, plus simple grilled lamb chops, steaks, kebabs etc. for meat eaters.

    Around the same area, Oak Tavern might require a bit of improvising for vegan / vegetarian options, but still would probably work.

    Sardinia on South Beach could be a good option as they have a number of good vegetable items among the antipasti plus lots of meat & fish items.

    Blue Collar on Biscayne (around 64th) may please everyone - hearty straightforward food, including a great burger, nice braises, but also a long list of vegetable options (and you can put together 4 for a Veggie Plate).

    I've not yet been, but would also be inclined to check out Lido in the Standard Hotel on South Beach - Mediterranean style food with lots of veg options on the menu.

    Also in that category, I'd suggest looking at Escopazzo on the Beach - Italian restaurant with a whole "raw foods" section of the menu.

    Essensia is another place that I've not tried but that looks very veg-friendly.

    For a good resource on veg-friendly eating in Miami I'd recommend "Meatless in Miami":

    1. Just wanted to say thank you for such a helpful and thorough response! We ended up trying Canyon Ranch for dinner (which was wonderful - nice, relaxed meal, but with great pacing out of the the kids' meals so everyone stayed happy) and Lido, which had one of the best kale salads I've ever had (and a lot of fun to put together the various mezze plates to make a meal)....we're bookmarking your other restaurant recommendations for future trips. Thank you again!

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        So glad to hear both those suggestions panned out, as I've not done Canyon Ranch in a long time and have yet to try Lido.