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Dec 26, 2013 10:11 AM

New Years Eve, a la carte in the neighborhood (Flatiron/Union Square/Murray Hill)

We were New Years Eve regulars at Steak Frites - it appealed to everyone's budget/diets and the food was serviceable. Last year didn't measure up so we're in the hunt for a new a la carte menu under $60/pp (without drinks, tax, tip) in the Gramercy, Murray Hill, Union Square, Flatiron area. For 4 or 5 people at 8p/8:30p, to be out by 10p/10:30p. These are not adventurous eaters so I generally stick to American or Italian restaurants. Any ideas? Giorgio's of Gramercy is an option so far. Thanks, as always!

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  1. BLT Fish, Basta Pasta, Crispo, Pastis ( meat market isn't that far from flat iron or union square)