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Dec 26, 2013 10:00 AM

Le Cottage in St. Martin

We followed the lead of the previous review of Le Cottage; we were not disappointed. We arranged for a taxi to take us from the Dutch side to the French side and back ( a must on this island if not renting a car). We were an half an hour late but it didn't make a difference. the hosts were most inviting upon our arrival. The husband and wife team head up the front of the house with two servers, the owner chef precedes in the kitchen. All of the restaurants on Bld de Grand Case are open air and most inviting. The bar is hidden in the back with an enclosed wine cellar to its side. The cocktails were just fine and the wine list was most reasonably priced and extensive (mostly French); most surprising. We both had starters, shared a ceaser salad, two separate main dishes, a pasta and a duck, and shared a dessert. With tip less than $200 with a bottle of wine. (plus the cab ride). a wonderful evening. many restaurants on the street to select from for a most rewarding dining vacation.

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  1. I hope you know that tipping on the French side is not required or expected. If the service is exceptional an extra $5 or $10 dollars is recommended.

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      we were aware that most places included tip. we checked prior to finalizing the bill. thanks for the reminder.

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      Thanks for the review. Some more thoughts about where to eat in St. Martin. I go to SXM often and have two places I truly consistently enjoy. One is Bistro Caribe in Grande Case. They have the best lobster thermidor on the island. The sauce is just the correct balance of cheese, cream and I suppose its brandy or cognac. Best of all it doesn't overwhelm the always sweet, never dry Caribbean lobster. Caribbean lobster easily becomes dried out and I appreciate they never over cook it.Everything else on the menu is equally and consistently wonderful. The other place I love is Le T Bouchon in Cul de Sac- close by to Grande Case. The owner, Mo Mo, provides an ever evolving menu that blends accents of French with the Caribbean in a very modern (in the best sense) way. No Caesar salads or onion soup. The dishes are inventive and, as a rule, excellent. We were there a few days ago and I had cold sweetbreads in a minty aspic with chutney. Very different and excellent and then poached eggs with pearled onions and mushrooms in an intense wine sauce- truly fabulous. My husband had a glass "pot" of snails in a garlicky cream sauce with mushrooms (unbelievably flavorful) and an very good veal shank (off the bone) glazed with orange and honey that while tasting of those flavors but not sweet at all. Pear sorbet profiteroles ended this meal. Pastry was light, and pear sorbet was like biting into a ripe juicy pear. Also note the markups on the wines and champagnes are not outrageous. While dinner was not cheap it was a great value and fit for foodies. His prices are in dollars.