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Dec 26, 2013 09:09 AM

Outer Cape: Orleans to P-Town in January.

I'm staying in Truro with my sweetheart on the 8th, 9th & 10th. Planning on cooking a lot, but would love to know what our other options are. Great food & particularly great seafood is a plus, charming is a plus, we eat everything & in all price ranges. We could go for any meal.

If Hangar B is open, we'll probably stop on the way to Truro. We like the pastries at PB Boulangerie. We know Blackfish - we had a good but not great meal there this summer. The Beacon Room is sounding like a happy possibility. Anything at Nauset Beach club sounds fun; I don't know if they're open. For driving sanity, I'd like to keep it between Orleans & P-town. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rock Harbor Grille in Orleans is a fun lively and tasty spot. The Mews is great in P Town as is Jimmy's Hideaway. We were at Mews two weeks back before I headed to the Caribbean. It was perfect. Loved eating at the bar. Cozy spot. Hangar B should be open. I think BF closes mid Dec. each year. Joe's (Barley Neck Inn) is a fun spot at night but if in Truro, I'd do Mews or Jimmy's.

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    1. Hangar B is closed Mon. and Tues. FYI.

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        Thanks CapeCodGuy. I've wanted to go on your recommendation for over a year… I think we'll make it this time. :)

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          Whatever you choose to order, make sure to get a side of the Red Flannel Hash. I personally love the lemon ricotta pancakes with real maple syrup and fresh berries. The eggs benny is also very good with house made hollandaise, of course. Just ask for him to give you a moderate amount of the sauce. I've had them swimming in it once. Brioche French Toast is great for those who like sweet, dessert-like b'fasts.

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            and to add to CCG's Hangar B rec, my fav is the huevos rancheros and their insanely dense delish house made donuts with house made jams AND lemon's pure ambrosia....

      2. Napi's in PTown is open year round, and they add lunch in fall and spring. They have a huge menu with lots of variety including many vegetarian dishes.