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Dec 26, 2013 08:51 AM

New Years Eve

Would love a few ideas for NYE dinner on the Westside for a small group.
Something festive with good food but doesn't need to be a special, set NYE dinner.

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  1. If you don't mind going on the later side (9 to 9:30) then Tar & Roses would be a good choice.

      1. has a large list including Tavern and Water Grill.

        1. Decided on The London. The menu isn't crazy expensive and it is festive.

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          1. re: flowergirl

            According to the website the London is $145 per person for the 8:30-midnight seating. Yikes.

              1. re: wienermobile

                Yes I've never been overly impressed by the food at the London, particularly given the price point. Last time I was there was for a private dinner about a year ago that was pretty much a disaster.

                  1. re: flowergirl

                    Probably a wise choice. Did you find a back up plan?

                    1. re: cookie monster

                      Yes - Ivy at the Shore. Not the most popular on this board but I always enjoy both The Ivy and Ivy at the Shore.
                      I typically avoid restaurants on NYE so it should be interesting.
                      Happy 2014 everyone!

                      1. re: flowergirl

                        Great minds think alike:) Ivy at the Shore is also our destination tonight. Happy New Year

                        1. re: flowergirl

                          I'm very fond of Ivy at the Shore as well. Crab cake app + grilled vegetable salad = one of my all-time favorite meals. Are they doing a special menu for NYE?