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Dec 26, 2013 05:42 AM

New Year's Eve Help

So, some friends and I are going out. Yeah I know; stay home and make something wonderful. That option, unfortunately, is off the table. Instead I'm being asked to choose between La Veranda and The Rose Tattoo Cafe.

The former is positioned nicely to see the fireworks at Penn's Landing but that means fighting a lot of traffic. Which brings me to the food. Which place am I going to get a better meal? Anyone CHers been to either recently? Would prefer to end the year on a culinary high note.

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  1. It's me again. Well, plans were changed. The group decided to head west rather than head into Philly. Now we're headed to Brandywine Prime in Chadds Ford. I've never been before but the place seems nice enough.

    Again, any feedback or recommendations would be appreciated. And Happy New Year to all! Stay safe...

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      Doesnt seem to get mentioned much on this board, but people have said good things about their burgers and their prime rib