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Dec 25, 2013 11:38 PM

hotpot/BBQ place next to empress harbor in MP

went to empress harbor for dim sum today and noticed the place across the way boastiing a $9.99 AYCE either hot pot or BBQ. has anyone ever been there?

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  1. You mean Szechwan Hot Pot?

    Never been but from what I know you're better off at Hot Pot Hot Pot, or just eating at Empress Harbour again and ordering extra soup.

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      i was intrigued by the inclusion of chilean sea bass in the AYCE; 1/2 lb of good sea bass pretty much covers the $9.99 fee.

      1. re: barryc

        I don't know about chilean sea bass.
        Please looked at the fine print. There is a $3-4 per person soup base charge. And if you want dipping sauce, they charge about $1 for each serving of sauce. Peanut sauce, sesame sauce, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, fermented tofu sauce etc. For our last party of 4 AYCE, we shared one pot and each of us had 3 or 4 orders of 3 to 4 different sauces to compliment our meal.
        Food and service were almost average for hotpot in SGV.

        1. re: FallingLeaves

          $6.99 for lunch. the sea bass was (as expected), the skeletal cut, but still tasty. as chandavkl noted, actually a pretty good deal for the price.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        I love the broth at Hot Pot Hot Pot.

        But the last two times we have been there, it was such a long wait that we ended up going somewhere else nearby (with not so good experiences!).

        Weekday lunchtime was the easiest to get in, but they have stopped that service - except for Friday.

      3. Does anyone know the name and location of a AYCE hotpot place in Monterey Park (I believe) that's housed above a Chinese grocery store. There are windows in the hot pot place where you can look down into the grocery store. They also played MJ by the restroom. I've been a few times a long time ago but forgot where it is.

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        1. That place is super gross and dirty. Don't go. If you want ayce hot pot, go to imperial city by San Gabriel Hilton or place in Rowland heights off gale by Home Depot.

          1. thanks for the responses. we decided to go korean bbq at sanya in k-town at the same price point. some of you will sneer, but i liked it at the price which included beef intestine, but they would bring out only 5 pieces per request. i wouldn't go at dinner time though.