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Dec 25, 2013 10:37 PM

What are your recipes for this holidays???

Hi friends,

Merry Christmas to all!!!
I am going to make White-layered cake with lemon curd filling by tomorrow to make this Holidays more special.
what are you recipes for this holidays? What special are you cooking guys?

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    1. Rum bundt cake (grandma's recipe)

      1. Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, roasted lamb, green chile stew with turkey.

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          woo.. That's cool and sounds so interesting and let us know how does it taste?

          1. re: prachishah

            The Christmas pudding is made of five ingredients: cranberries, baking soda, baking powder, molasses and flour. It is steamed in a pudding pan with a clamped on lid for two hours in a water bath. It is beautiful and makes a nice presentation. The brandy sauce is made of butter, sugar and an egg with a touch of brandy.

            It is dense and moist and is not too sweet.

            Here's a photo from a week ago.

            1. re: sandiasingh

              Oops, one more ingred. Hot water. Here's the recipe. All you need to do is get the pan. This is from an old recipe book I have called "Soup├žon."

              2 tsp baking soda
              1/2 c hot water
              1/2 c molasses
              2 cups raw cranberries cut in half
              1 1/3 c flour
              2 tsp baking powder

              Dissolve soda in hot water, add molasses and cranberries. Mix flour and baking powder and add to wet mixture. Pour into well buttered pudding mold with top. Cover, clamp down and place onto rack in kettle. Add water to come half way up side of mold. Cover kettle and steam two hours. May be made ahead and reheated. Serve with brandy sauce.

              1. re: sandiasingh

                Aww!! So sweet of you...
                Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful recipe.

        2. our christmas night menu was: grilled duck with cranberry glaze, bacon wrapped oven roasted venison loin, grilled connecuh sausage, shrimp & grits, wolfgang puck's sweet potato & apple gratin, wild rice pilaf with pecans and dried cranberries, chopped salad, roasted beets & carrots, carmalized pears, and sister shubert rolls. bread pudding for dessert.