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Dec 25, 2013 10:09 PM

Copenhagen for 3 nights

Hi there,

we will be staying in copenhagen for 3 nights in January and would love recommendations of good restuarnts with a fun atmosphere and good food. We particularly want to try the traditional brunch/lunch platter.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. We liked the Norrebro Bryghus: it makes its own beer, and offers a menu of Danish cuisine paired with their beers.

    1. I would put Aamann's in the DO NOT MISS category. Awesome sandwiches. I was also a huge fan of the street hot dogs.

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      1. re: currycue

        Yeah. Two visits to John's Hot Dog Deli (right between the train station and Tivoli) were culinary highlights of my trip. We just don't make them like that in the States.

        1. re: djquinnc

          We couldn't find John's hot dog deli - was it somewhere else? I'm actually still in cph and have 1 more day to find it.....

          1. re: julieapfel

            It was the cart right between the train station and Tivoli, in Axeltorv Square. Good luck!

        2. re: currycue

          Second Aamann's, by far the best Smorrebrod in town.

          Also I'm a big fan of Relae (though I'm aware it's not everyone's cup of tea). The food is never ingratiating but always interesting and thought provoking. And the place is very nice and relaxed and for Copenhagen very cheap.

          On the same street the people behind Relae have a simpler place, Manfred's & Vin which offers a 7 course menu for DKK 250 - probably the best bargain in town. The "natural wine" to accompany the food is....well, "natural wine" (=some great, some weird, some disgusting), very Copenhagen though...

          Bror is a nice, quite new place as well with former Noma chefs serving pretty cheap but still ambitious food.

          The new-ish food market at Norreport is more lifestyle than good food but has a couple of nice stalls (e.g. a french place with duck confit sandwiches, great lunch).

          1. re: lojroma

            I am also planning on being in Copenhagen for 3 days next month and Aamann's sounds great. I assume you guys are recommending it for lunch? Can you confirm?

            Also - any specific recs around Vesterbro where we will be staying?

            1. re: julieapfel

              Yes, Aamann's (the Smorrebrod Deli, not the restaurant next door, though it's pretty good as well) is best for lunch but they're actually open until 7-8 pm so it's worth considering going there a bit later to avoid the crowds. In the evening much will be sold out though.

              Recs around Vesterbro:
              -Pony is a new restaurant run by the people behind Kadeau - one of the top restaurants in town - who couldn't part with the great location when they were forced to move Kadeau to bigger premises. Pony is simpler (450 DKK for 4 courses) but with great food and cozy athmosphere.

              - Paté Paté in the old meat packing district is another safe bet

              - Famo is a popular place serving italian comfort food at reasonable prices. Good food but don't expect to be blown away.

              - Madklubben is a chain with a huge canteen-style Vesterbro outlet who serves decent food at pretty low prices (for Copenhagen that is....)

            2. re: lojroma

              I just had that duck confit sandwich with a beer - very good!

          2. We will be in Copenhagen for a few days in early October. All the hotels I'm looking at are clustered near the train station. Are there breakfast options in that area, or are we better off just paying for the hotel buffet breakfast?

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            1. re: albinoni

              You're pretty close to Stroget (øget) which has some coffee shops and bakeries (like my fave Lagkagehuset. I guess it depends on how much you wan to eat at breakfast

              1. re: albinoni

                When we were there in 2011, I much preferred Bageri Skt Petri over the chain shop.

                1. re: albinoni

                  About a 20 minute walk from the train station is Cafe Dyrehaven. I had an amazing breakfast there that kept me full all day. It's worth the walk.