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Dec 25, 2013 09:12 PM

Was Santa or your beloved good to you this Christmas?

My wonderful husband gave me a Vitamix. I'm so excited to play with my new toy. My previous blender shot blending margaritas out the bottom of it, and was retired today to the great garbage can in the garage.

Did you get what you wanted?

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  1. Congratulation to you. I hope you will find a lot of uses for your Vitamix. I got a lot of cool thing this winter (not necessary on Christmas Day). I got to tried many great restaurant up Toronto. Excellent, excellent food. I purchased some nice cookware and nice food ingredients.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Wow - you were in Toronto during the ice storm?

      1. re: wattacetti

        It was cold, and there was quiet a bit of snow, but I won't call it an ice storm. If there was an ice storm, then I probably left before it.

        I went to some very reasonably priced and tasty restaurants.

    2. Almost everything.

      1. Palace Cafe cookbook
      2. Canal House cooks Everyday
      3. Cindy's Supper club
      4. Some nice Lekue items
      5. Most recent "Jamie" magazine
      6. Williams Sonoma slow cooker cookbook
      7. Chinese cookbook (I forget the author's name -from Taiwan and on cooking channel)
      8. chef's coat. I hate strings on aprons

      Yet to get: My upgraded chefs knife. Still mulling:

      1. Roselli.
      2. Dexter Connoisseur Forged (most practical and economical choise)
      3. Pre-WW2 Sabatier. How cool would it be to use a knife that old/ And carbon steel rocks
      4. Berti. The most expenive, but wow....what a lovely tool

      1. A bamboo cutting board shaped like the beloved homeland from dearest sister next to marble mortar & pestle from better half. I was pleased. Not pictured are a pair of ceramic knives (to "experiment with and report on") and a lightweight 5" cast iron pan given as stocking stuffer.

        1. No, in line with past years, still no chambar vacuum unit, rotary evaporator or Revco. But like Red Sox fans 1919-2003, next year is the year.

          I did get some nice coffee from my parents though.

          1. Melamine stacking bowls
            9 or so rubber spatulas
            Dish towels
            SodaStream ( I love seltzer)
            One pan, Two plates
            Claudia Roden Book of Middle Eastern Food
            Melamine tray
            Oneida Dover Hostess set
            Oneida Dover Soup spoons
            Dip mix
            Oil dipping herbs

            Husband got a deep fryer from me.

            We bought mother in law a three pot slow cooker. They started their own church so we figured they would get good use out of it there.

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              Forgot, All clad stock pot and 8 in nonstick frying pan

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                It looks like your Christmas was a nice one. I'm curious about the Melamine bowls and tray. How do they work for you? How do they compare to other similar items? My Melamine memories are from childhood so, you have piqued my curiosity with the tray and bowls.