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Was Santa or your beloved good to you this Christmas?

My wonderful husband gave me a Vitamix. I'm so excited to play with my new toy. My previous blender shot blending margaritas out the bottom of it, and was retired today to the great garbage can in the garage.

Did you get what you wanted?

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  1. Congratulation to you. I hope you will find a lot of uses for your Vitamix. I got a lot of cool thing this winter (not necessary on Christmas Day). I got to tried many great restaurant up Toronto. Excellent, excellent food. I purchased some nice cookware and nice food ingredients.

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      Wow - you were in Toronto during the ice storm?

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        It was cold, and there was quiet a bit of snow, but I won't call it an ice storm. If there was an ice storm, then I probably left before it.


        I went to some very reasonably priced and tasty restaurants.

    2. Almost everything.

      1. Palace Cafe cookbook
      2. Canal House cooks Everyday
      3. Cindy's Supper club
      4. Some nice Lekue items
      5. Most recent "Jamie" magazine
      6. Williams Sonoma slow cooker cookbook
      7. Chinese cookbook (I forget the author's name -from Taiwan and on cooking channel)
      8. chef's coat. I hate strings on aprons

      Yet to get: My upgraded chefs knife. Still mulling:

      1. Roselli.
      2. Dexter Connoisseur Forged (most practical and economical choise)
      3. Pre-WW2 Sabatier. How cool would it be to use a knife that old/ And carbon steel rocks
      4. Berti. The most expenive, but wow....what a lovely tool

      1. A bamboo cutting board shaped like the beloved homeland from dearest sister next to marble mortar & pestle from better half. I was pleased. Not pictured are a pair of ceramic knives (to "experiment with and report on") and a lightweight 5" cast iron pan given as stocking stuffer.

        1. No, in line with past years, still no chambar vacuum unit, rotary evaporator or Revco. But like Red Sox fans 1919-2003, next year is the year.

          I did get some nice coffee from my parents though.

          1. Melamine stacking bowls
            9 or so rubber spatulas
            Dish towels
            SodaStream ( I love seltzer)
            One pan, Two plates
            Claudia Roden Book of Middle Eastern Food
            Melamine tray
            Oneida Dover Hostess set
            Oneida Dover Soup spoons
            Dip mix
            Oil dipping herbs

            Husband got a deep fryer from me.

            We bought mother in law a three pot slow cooker. They started their own church so we figured they would get good use out of it there.

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              Forgot, All clad stock pot and 8 in nonstick frying pan

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                It looks like your Christmas was a nice one. I'm curious about the Melamine bowls and tray. How do they work for you? How do they compare to other similar items? My Melamine memories are from childhood so, you have piqued my curiosity with the tray and bowls.

              2. From my fiance (he went a little overboard):
                Cuisinart Multiclad Pro roasting pan, 3qt saucepan, and 8" non-stick skillet
                Negi cutter
                Julienne peeler
                6 rice bowls
                Square ladle
                Star Trek apron
                Goblets for 12

                From mom and grandma:
                Flatware for 12

                Going to my dad's house tomorrow, so I might have more to add to the list!

                My fiance got a smoker and a smoking cookbook from me, Afield from my grandma, and sausage casings from my mom. Guess what his upcoming projects are!

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                  8 inch Victorinox chef's knife and Mastering the Art of French Cooking! Plus a sweet black damask tablecloth I've been eyeing for a while.

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                    I love my new Victorinox knife, it's a few months old, a gift to celebrate my future fellowship in 2015. Now I need to get a sharpening blade, oops forgot to tell SO about that part.

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                      <a gift to celebrate my future fellowship in 2015>

                      Who are in your fellowship?

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                        I'm a physician and currently in residency, will be starting fellowship training in July 2015 :)

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                            I think it does for some of my colleagues.

                2. I got "Jerusalem" and can not wait to cook from it!
                  Also, a crepe pan, mix and book.
                  Oh, and a GC for a fine dining resto in our area.

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                    I'm putting "Jerusalem" on my list for next year

                  2. I got a Scan Pro Griddle Pan -

                    Schmidt Brothers titanium tomato bagel knife.

                    Shun hollow ground nakiri knife

                    I love them all. I was a little concerned about the Shun, because I'm left-handed and apparently that particular Shun knife doesn't come in a left-handed model but it feels fine to me. I'm sure it would feel even better if I was right-handed - but it works and I'm fine with it.

                    1. I always have a decently long list of cooking/cookbook stuff I want... and this year so far I've gotten 4 items off my list.

                      1. A Hamilton Beach slow cooker from mom. I decided to finally give up and ask for one of these... life has gotten busy and this slow cooker will help me keep up my healthy eating on nights when I'm just really tired. I'm excited about this one, it has a metal liner, versus ceramic, so you can sear on the stovetop and then put right in the cooker, versus having to dirty up an extra pan.

                      2. Waffle Iron. (Cheapish Proctor Silex belgian... good reviews on Amazon) SO's sister FINALLY listened and just got me something off my list, instead of finding some weird random cookbooks that I'll never use.

                      3. Metal BBQ skewers. My brother is always broke, so these came from him, but they will come in handy this summer, I love making skewered meats on the grill.

                      4. Mandoline from mom. Excited about this too... gratins anybody?

                      I still get to have another Christmas tomorrow, and I plan on picking up a few cookbooks with any cash I get.

                      1. You will love it! We use ours to power through frozen fruit/veggie smoothies everyday and so much more. It saw a lot of use this holiday season for quick, after work Christmas cheer in the form of Jeffrey Morgenthaler's Eggnog. Mmmm, mmm.


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                          I made my first batch of hummus with it and I have never made a creamier spread.

                          I wanted it for smoothies, but we are going to have to conduct some sound testing as I don't want to wake my toddler up while I make my take to work smoothie and pack lunches. I call it my jet engine.

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                            Sometimes I make extra smoothies and freeze them in widemouth pint jars. By lunchtime they are slushy and ready to eat. Or when I take them in the RV, pull one from the freezer and set in the refrigerator the night before and they are slushy by breakfast time. I'm addicted, can't go without my breakfast smoothie. That might help you work around quiet time.

                        2. Food Saver! I'm so excited! I have a problem buying meat either when on sale or when I spot a nice cut and have been triple wrapping for years now. I can't wait to use the Food Saver for not only meat but all of the other lovely things I toss into the freezer. I'm sort of glad it didn't come with a chest freezer because I wouldn't be able to control myself.

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                            I asked my fiance if he'd rather have a smoker or a food saver, but he thought the latter was a waste of money. Maybe I'll have him convinced by next Christmas. He keeps trying to get me to pack our venison in water to get all of the air out of the bag....

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                              I'd make a mess packing anything in water. Don't even mention the straw method, I look like a fool :)

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                                I hate opening the freezer after a packing day and seeing a frozen mess of bloody water from an improperly sealed/punctured bag. I did the last two deer without water and got chewed out pretty good. I told him he can do it next time. :p

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                              ohohoh we got one as well. And a tip. If you put the 'product' [for lack of a better term] in a ziploc bag and then in the sealer bag, you can reuse the sealers. I like that. We gave the sealer its' inaugural run today with a package of chicken legs, and it was fast and easy. As we replenish the - seemingly - hundreds of pieces of breadstuff in the stand freezer, this thing is going to be used.

                            3. My Christmas was pretty good but, not extravagant.

                              The highlight for me was the OXO Silicone Spatula from my sister (niece/nephew). Best of all, it was something I really wanted and needed this year!!!!

                              Mom and I went to town to run some errands and had a really nice lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. While not directly a Christmas "present", it was really nice for both of us. Mom has never eaten Vietnamese before so after chatting about and eating the food, we had a nice long conversation over Jasmine Green tea which was a "Christmas gift" in itself with no phone calls or other family interruptions.

                              1. In a word, yes, Santa was good to us this year. I played Santa this year and gave my daughter the gift of a real restaurant experience after her first musical play. We went to places where we dashed in and grabbed food or that we had a snack but never a real restaurant experience as her nap times always coincided with 'normal' eating times. I never wanted to subject her to an environment where she wouldn't enjoy herself (fussy and tired in a busy environment is no fun for her or me... or other patrons).

                                Finally, with a nap dropped and her interest rising in enjoying meal times with conversation, I planned a day for her. We enjoyed a full spread at a storied hotel in our big city with 2 sets of forks, bread plate, and careful manners. You could tell on her face, she felt like a 'fancy fairy' (her words). Most people might balk at the price but I figure that experiences like this only happens once in a life time.

                                As for me, I got a real chef knife for myself :) and the Bouchon Bakery book. I can't wait to start making some of the recipes.

                                1. My sister in laws gave us a new gas grill. Last summer when they were visiting and grilling, the heating element on old grill fell apart (it was ancient, not their fault). They arranged, from 2000 miles away, to get a new grill and have it delivered on the 23rd when they arrived.

                                  It is a big ass Weber, lovely. Christmas dinner was cooked almost exclusively on the grill.

                                  Other than that, almost no kitchen stuff. I offered to buy one of my son's Amazon gift cards and sell another my iTunes card. I will then buy Jerusalem for myself!

                                  1. Santa brought us a new gas range. The first gas one that I've had since moving out of my parents house 30 years ago. I'm having fun so far!

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                                        Frigidaire Gallery, 5 burners, convection...

                                    1. Yes. Mom bought me (and nominally the Dude) the GE Profile slide-in induction range I've been planning to buy.

                                      I gifted myself some Vollrath Optio and Mauviel M'Stone pans to go with it.

                                      1. Not Christmas per se but new years mystery bag sale made me very happy.

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                                            Well, actually Le Creuset was not a mystery. Most stores have mystery bags but Le Creuset was discounted packages.

                                            I spent more than I should have but am still happy. Just under $750us for 5 1/2 round, 3 1/2 oval, 3 1/2 sukiyaki/braiser and the display stand. I live in Japan so storage is a massive issue so the stand really helps me an incomprehensible amount.

                                            Was really not fun carrying all of them to the train and on the train and then streetcar though, but totally worth it :P