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Dec 25, 2013 08:36 PM

great chow: amma's kitchen - harriman near woodbury commons

there's a dearth of good restaurants near woodbury commons, got a little turned around on the way home, drove by Amma's Kitchen and Groceries and it sure looked like it had high chow potential. Walking in it's a small storefront selling indian and pakistan groceries, they have four steam tables, two veg, two non-veg. It all looked very good, I ended up with the Bhurtha (eggplant) and pakora in a sauce.

both dishes were fresh, complex, spicy and well-made...really as good as anything I had india. turns out you can order off a bigger menu.

they just have two tables, most people take out but it was very nice eating there. The manager is very, very nice. I'll definitely be back next time I'm up at woodbury:

88 17M, Harriman, NY 10926
(845) 395-9000
here's a link to their facebook page, the food tastes as great as it looks:

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  1. Great to know! I asked about restaurants near Woodbury Commons a while back, and nothing turned up. I put this in my phone book under Woodbury Commons for reference next time I'm up there.

    1. We were at WC yesterday, and there was a food truck there -- We weren't hungry so i did not try it, but the online reviews seem to be decent, and it was cheaper than anything else at the center (and I'm sure much better). Checking their schedule it seems like they are there on the weekends.

      1. Unfortunately amma's has closed.