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Dec 25, 2013 06:36 PM

Any place to get white cake North of Boston? Doesnt have to be fancy/gourmet...

Everyone seems to only have yellow unless ordered in advance, like for weddings... Supermarket would even be fine.. We like to have it on our anniversary.. Used to get it from Collarusos in Stoneham but u have to order it in advance, and last year tried Costcos. It was pretty but wasn't that great.. kind of dry and didn't really seem white.

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  1. You might try Sweet Spot Bakery in Melrose. Their menu says white cake but I'm not sure if it is a true white cake. I can vouch for their buttercream frosting though, it's very good. Their website says they will make up cakes while you wait so it might work for you.

    My other suggestion would be Lyndell's in Somerville though I think Sweet Spot's white/buttercream frosting is much better (Lyndell's, on the other hand, has a much better chocolate frosting).

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        Montillios in Quincy but steps from the East Milton border always has a delicious wedding type round white with flowers frosted white cake. We were actually discussing it at dinner yesterday. It's not North of Boston but it's right off of the 93 East Milton exit which is only 5-10 minutes from Boston during off peak times. It's on Adams St about 3/4- 1 mile from when you get off the exit. They also sell slices of it which is my downfall!

      2. If you're willing to go MetroWest, Wegman's special white cake is a regular feature in their case, and is many steps above the quality of white cakes in many places, including mom & pop bakeries.

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          thanks for the replies.. Called Sweet Spot and the white cake is "not really white" but not gold either and they were out of them today but so far haven't found anything else yet. Cant do the long distance ones yet til our car seems okay locally after a recent fix.. Tried MB cakes a while ago and remember not being inclined to try them again although some of the baked goods are good..Stop and Shop said they have white cakes which I didn't know, but wonder if its any good. I actually like their strawberry short cake which is yellow cake with strawberries and glaze and whipped cream, but be careful cuz at some times, like now, they don't do the strawberries just a big blob of glaze which is much different than when it has fresh strawbs...

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            Did you give Lyndell's a call? One of my standard orders from them is a coconut cake with white cake.

            1. re: chompie

              You're wise to be cautious about Stop and Shop's white cake. It's dry and dull.

          2. Try Henry's in Beverly on Cabot St. They bake from scratch.

            1. Know it's a late reply, but Cakes For Occasions in Danvers will make you any type of cake you like (white is my favorite). Their cakes taste as good as they look. Highly recommend.