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Dec 25, 2013 05:52 PM

What to do with a dry Sacher torte?

Since my sister who lives in Rome told me she gets one every Christmas, I thought I'd try one from Cost Plus. Glad I got it half price because it seemed a bit like a glorified Ding Dong. My husband doesn't want me to throw it out without first trying to do something with it--any ideas?

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  1. Drizzle it with rum or a liqueur of your choice and let it marinate in that for a few days. Or make a trifle with it.

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      LOL greygarious, i posted before i saw your post. great minds…..tee hee.

    2. Process into crumbs and use as a base for rum balls.

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        For years there was a fancy very classical bakery in Washington DC called Avignon Freres that had rum balls that were not little cookies but more like big cake. Some time ago I posted on CH an SOS to professional bakers and my respondents said to use cake crumbs, so there you go with your dry Sachertorte.The AF version were rum-soaked and had fruitcake (glace') fruit in them in them, were about 2-3" in diameter (shaped into balls), and were frosted with fudgey chocolate fondant. Maybe the best cake I've ever eaten.

      2. I've had it at both Hotel Sacher and Demel, and the version that Demel exports to the US. All are dry. But a slice is served with a good amount of thick whipped cream to compensate. You might want to try it again this way and with a good cup of coffee.

        More about Sacher torte (and many comments on dryness):

        1. Cut. Then soak in melted vanilla ice cream.

          1. Dunk it into coffee or tea in the morning.