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Dec 25, 2013 05:41 PM

Jerusalem - catering meals

I am planning a family trip for about 20 of us (incl. many kids). I am looking for some good restaurants for catering meals on Shabbats as well as possibly some dinners during the week.

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  1. Lots of places do takeaway shabbat meals including La Guta, Marvad Hakasim and Heimeshe Essen - but if you want proper catering, Naomi Catering are very good

    Can you be more specific about where you want to have dinner during the week? kosher/not kosher, kids etc?

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    1. re: debs76

      So, during the week I think I just want quick setup and casual for a couple nights. We have lots of kids and family may just be taking food back to their separate apartments for kids' varying bedtimes. Food has to be kosher. For Shabbat meals -- likely more formal -- we may have some other guests. We'll likely be hosting a sheva brachos as well so one Shabbat may be more formal than another.

      Do you know of places that rent tables and chairs for events in Jerusalem?

      1. re: sunnysideover

        I dont know about the tables and chairs but I am sure Naomi catering can help with that. There are numerous kosher restaurants that offer take away and delivery. Sushi Rehavia has a vast sushi menu and asian meat dishes, Black Burger is a great burger restaurant that delivers well and Pinati is a very reasonable authentic grill restaurant that will deliver humus, salads, kebabs and other grilled meats. There are also lots of restaurants in the city center and shuk (machne yehudah market) area that offer kosher take away. Inside the shuk itself, you can get fast and reasonably priced kosher pizza, pasta, fish and chips, meat and falafel as well as other food.