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Dec 25, 2013 03:48 PM

Red River Chili Mix?

I'm desperate to find a chili mix called Red River Chili, once....10 - 15 years ago...sold by Neiman Marcus. NM seems to know nothing about it, but my supply is gone and I hope someone has seen / heard about it. It was seriously great. It used to come in a little blue denim bag......

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  1. recipe called for vinegar and brown sugar, in addition to the mix.

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      and of course you aren't allowed to use those ingredients with someone else's mix. :(

      Did you happen to read the ingredients list in the past?

    2. googled it and got this message:

      The item "Red River Red's ''King Of Texas'' Chili Mix" by RedRiverReds cannot be viewed because it has expired.


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      1. If you haven't already tried Carroll Shelby's mix, please do so. It may be as good as Red River and you don't have to add anything, although I do add a habanero or serrano chili.

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          #1 on Shelby's, though it was a lot more fun when Ol' Shel was still in charge and the instructions were in a sort of cowboy patois. As on instructions to use round or some other cut: "Don't use any fancy cuts or you'll ruin the whole wretched mess." And, "Cut into pieces about the size of your big toe." However, the product is still quite good. The only deviation I'd urge is to add the chili powder to the meat after it's browned, but BEFORE adding any liquid, and stir it until it's darker and fragrant, maybe a minute or two.

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            I use a fry pan for the meat and a pot for the chili liquid. The meat is chunked up chuck roast and the tomato sauce I use is El Pato hot tomato sauce. Meat is browning while sauce is simmering.

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            Fascinating recipe - I'd have to get half the ingredients on line. Found the concept of making it in "batches" very interesting. Anyone else know about making it this way?

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              Adding the spices in batches is a common competition approach.

          2. I did a quick Google out of idle curiosity & came across a product called "Red River Chili Seasoning and Rub" - it's available from "Spiceman Otis" and they do sell it in bags ... could that be it? (It's only $14 for a 1-lb bag though, not a typical Neiman Marcus price.)

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              Yea, baby! I'll check this out, too. Thank you !