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Dec 25, 2013 01:32 PM

Asheville, where to watch football and eat well

Need to watch some out of town football that may not be carried by the local channels (on Sunday), so I need a sports bar with good food. Any recommendations?

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  1. Can't think of anything that fits that bill, sorry. My idea would be to go to Wicked Weed for excellent beer and good bar food (they have 1 big tv that will have a game on) before your game is on and then head down the block to Wild Wing for the Sunday Ticket games and more beer. Or just suck it up and have mediocre food at Wild Wing or Biergarten, both of which will have multiple TV's and all of the games on.

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    1. re: miss piggy

      That's not surprising. I'm not aware of any sports bars with good food around DC either.

      I googled sports bars in Asheville and O'Henry's popped up. It does not look like a sports bar....

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        Biergarten is probably your best bet. Lots of tv's, decent enough food and a good beer selection.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          I was getting really confused because there is a "Biergarten" just outside of Asheville that sounds like fun (since I love beer and sausages) but doesn't seem to be a sports bar.

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            It's not...its a German restaurant called Bavarian House that claims to have a Biergarten attached. The outdoor area isn't anything to write home about but the restaurant is a fun experience. We go at least once in the winter when we're craving heavy food. It's overpriced so if you decide to check it out look on or their own website for a coupon...they usually always offer one.

    2. Consider Pack's Tavern or West Asheville Pub, that's where our guys go to watch football.

      1. I was also going to suggest Pack's. It's loud in there though and not sure how many TVs they have going or if you care if you can hear it or not. Food is decent.

        If you don't mind traveling a bit, we go to the Dugout on Main St. in Hendersonville. That is what they do. Play every game on Sunday and you get a little box for your table and tune it to your game of choice. Each TV is labeled so you'll know which one to watch. The food there is decent and prices are good. That's where we go to watch non-televised football on Sundays but we live in Mills River, so it's only 15 mins for us. They usually have a good/fun crowd watching too - you'll see every team's jersey! haha

        1. On Sunday, I decided to do the Urban Trail, which brought me to several drinking establishments. First I stopped by Pack's Tavern for the early games, which I wasn't all that interested in (except hoping that Carolina would lose so the 49ers would have a chance at the top seed). The selection was decent, but they only have the local game on. Then I took my dog to the champagne/used book joint at the Grove Arcade for a glass of sparkling wine. Unfortunately they don't have any TVs. Lastly I went to the Bier Garden for the late games. A good selection of beers and many games but not enough TVs to cover all the games. Sitting at the bar, I had to turn around and squint to catch the 49ers game. Lunch was had earlier at Chorizo - bland fish tacos and so so quesadilla. I did order a hummus sampler at Bier Garden which wasn't bad and filled me up so I had no room for dinner. In fact, I napped through dinner at my hotel so I can watch the Sunday night game in my room.