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Dec 25, 2013 12:03 PM


HELP PLEASE. Put the flat 12+ lb in the 450 oven at 9:00 a.m. and blasted for 20 minutes. Per your advice checked for the temp at 1:30 p.m. and the darned digital thermometer is not working. Juices are running out of the roast and found my oven only goes as low as 170. So, we took it out of the oven and have loosely covered with foil.

How do you test for doneness without a thermometer. We don't want raw-rare, but we don't want over done either.

I posted the same question in the other thread but was afraid you would not see it.

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  1. First, what time are you having dinner....and what temp did you roast at?

    Next, flex your arm like you are doing a curl lifting weights. and touch your forearm. That's what Rare feel like on a big roast,

    Now do the same thing, but this time clench your fist and feel your forearm. It should feel firmer...but without knowing how hard you are squeezing your fist.....shoot for 75% of your full clench.

    I'm probably not eating for at least 90 minutes and I'm beginning the holding phase.

    My roasts have been in since 9am @ 200* and they are at 127-130 now

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      Plan on dinner between 4:00 and 4:30.

      My daughter did the test and the roast is definitely firmer than her forearm doing doing the flex test. When she did the clenched fist the roast is softer than her forearm.

      I am so mad at that digital thermometer; it is only the second time I used it and it is not a cheap one, not real expensive but not cheap.

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          Roasted at 225. It is back in the oven now with the door cracked open and the temp set on 170.

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            You're fine...At the worst you will be at the high end of MR...low end of Medium. Feel the roast when you remove it. crank up the oven to 500 and just give it 5 minutes if you don't want to take any chances

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              Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my emergency situation. I am so hoping that the results will not be medium.

              Again, thank you for such generosity of your holiday time.

    2. btw.....if you aren't serving for a while yet, it's still better to keep in the oven in the controlled environment. You've already removed the from the oven, so essentially, the cooking process has stopped..Now the important thing is not to let it lose too much heat... If you feel the oven is running hot, just crack the door open and the temperature will drop to around 140, but I wouldn't worry about it if the roast still feels soft.

      1. Also, it looks like family is running late, so I'll probably not serve dinner before 5PM. I'll just hold until then. If I can recall correctly, acgold7 roasts turkey for a living... he cooks them overnight and holds at 165 for hours until he comes in the shop in the morning. As long as your roast is not incinerated you should be fine....This is the beauty of the longer hold. It give you a lot a leeway and with the low temperature roasting, even if you left it in the oven for 30 minutes too still will not overcook it @ 225....and the carryover won't be that high.

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        1. re: fourunder

          Merry Christmas Fourunder!

          Your advise has undoubtedly helped make holiday dinners less stressful and delicious for countless people. You are the best!

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            Thank you very much for the kind message, thoughts and well wishes...

            The same to you and yours for a Happy and Healthy Holday Season.

          2. re: fourunder

            Hey Fourunder--

            Hope you had a great feast. Yes, that's exactly what we do, although now the code says we can hold at 135 after we hit a full 165 internal.. Since our ovens pretty much have to run unattended through most of the early morning and can't be programmed to do two different hold temps -- one to let the birds coast up to 165 and then one to let them coast back down -- we just keep them at 165 and they hold fine all day.

            Our restaurant is closed this week for training and cleaning and we'll be doing two whole Prime Standing Ribs this week, one for a delayed Xmas for our family and friends and another the next day for the staff. We can't wait to use our crazy Prime Rib ovens for what they were built for!

            1. re: acgold7

              Our restaurant is closed this week for training and cleaning and we'll be doing two whole Prime Standing Ribs this week, one for a delayed Xmas for our family and friends and another the next day for the staff.

              Standing Rib Roast for the Staff.... Now you are definitely a guy I could work for.....but instead, let's just have a Beer together one day. Work really isn't my thing anymore .

              Thanks to you as well for the very same kind words and thoughtful message....a very Happy and Healthy to you and yours this holiday season.

              wtg....see what you started.

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                I've got that beer waiting for you if you're ever in the Northwest.

                1. re: acgold7

                  I knew you would...How far away are you from Bandon Dunes?

                  1. re: fourunder

                    We LOVE the Bandon Area! We're actually just NE of Seattle, so about 450 miles or between 7.5 and nine hours, depending upon whether you take the fast but boring route (mostly I-5) or the beautiful scenic but slow route (coast/101).