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Foie Gras in Seattle?

Coming up from CA, where foie gras is banned. Where can I find good seared foie gras in Seattle?

I found this post but it's over a year old:

Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      I just had the foie torchon at RN74, which was lovely, as was the rest of the meal (with the exception of the pan d' epices on said torchon, which I didn't care for at all). Not sure if they have seared, but it looks like Loulay does. Quinn's usually has some form of foie gras available, but it is not exactly a fancy french setting.

    2. lark does some beautiful foie preparations.

        1. Mistral Kitchen for sure! I've had it at Spur, as well, but it doesn't look like it's on their regular menu so it may have been a special (or they rotated it off).

          1. It's on Altura's current menu.

            1. My brother, up visiting from Los Angeles, ordered it at Loulay last night.

              1. Does any of the above suggested restaurants offers view?

                What about Maximilien? Certainly has a great view. Its menu has seared foie gras, oysters, onion soup and scallops. All sounds great but is it a snobby tourist trap?

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                  i've had lovely experiences at maximilien, and i've had a few bad. i haven't been back in years. they were always hit and miss for me, and other places are as good or better, and more consistent.

                  1. re: chartreauxx

                    Had heard really good things about Maximilien in the past but more recent reviews have been poor. Some friends wanted to meet there of HH a couple of months ago and unfortunately we were very underimpressed. Definitely better places to go.

                    1. re: FoodDee

                      The ONLY reason I would consider Maximillien is because of the view. I don't think any of the restaurants mentioned has a view, is that correct?

                      1. re: carcassone

                        i believe that is correct. i suppose it depends if you're looking for foie, or looking for a view. in my experience, maximilien ranges from quite disappointing to reasonably passable. the real problem is the bill: it's extremely pricey for what you get (IMHO).

                        however, they also offer a happy hour on from 5-7 M-F. you could go for drinks and apps and get your view on, then go someplace better for dinner. there's even foie on the happy hour menu for $12. if that sounds amenable.

                        1. re: chartreauxx

                          I think the foie on the HH menu is a torchon since it says cured, so probably not what the poster wanted. It sounds like the best bet is going somewhere really good that has foie and someplace else that is good for the view. I'd certainly advise the food and view in the lounge of Aragona over the food and view at Maximilian if they want to stay in the Market area.

                          1. re: FoodDee

                            oops my bad! didn't read the details, just did ctrl-f for "foie" :-) good catch

                2. Thank you for all the suggestions. I've narrowed down to 3:
                  Lark, Mistral Kitchen and Loulay.

                  All 3 have foie gras in their standard menu. Is anyone better than the others? I'm thinking of Lark because of the small plates and fair amount of seafood options as well.

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                    i've had good experiences at both lark and at mistral; haven't been to loulay. worth noting: i've eaten both of lark's foie dishes, but i don't believe either was seared. i know the starter is a torchon; i don't specifically remember. they do change their menu up frequently, though, so it might be worth calling to check if you're really set on *seared* foie.

                  2. Our favorite place for fois gras is in Fremont --- Bookbindery. Whole menu is fabulous, but fois gras terrine is special!