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Dec 25, 2013 11:00 AM

Weekend in SF

LA couple coming to San Francisco this weekend. Too exhausted from holiday preparations to do exhaustive restaurant search, would be very appreciative for recommendations. We are staying near Union Square, but have a car and can travel.

Love Chinese (spicy), and Italian, for example, but up for anything. Maybe something upscale for one night.

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  1. Z&Y Garden for Sichuan.

    For Italian, La Ciccia, Perbacco, Cotogna, Incanto.

    Maybe Burmese Kitchen.

    1. Let me rephrase my question. Can anyone recommend any decent restaurant of any type or ethnicity where I'll have a prayer of getting a reservation this weekend?

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      1. re: MarkC

        Robert's selections do offer places where you can get a reservation.

        1. re: MarkC

          Don Pisto's, North Beach

          Fancy Indian:
          Dosa, Mission or Lower Pac Heights

          South Indian:
          Udupi Palace, Mission

          Marnee Thai, Inner Sunset

          Old Jerusalem, Mission

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            Skimming the places on OpenTable with prime-time availability on Saturday, good bets include Alfred's, Ame, Atelier Crenn, Aziza, B44, Baonecci, Bar Crudo, Bar Tartine, Barbacco, Coi, Contigo, Epic, Farina, Gajalee, Jai Yun, Keiko, Maykadeh, Original Joe's, Perbacco, Skool, Sociale, St. Vincent, Wexler's, and Zero Zero.

            Sunday, add A16, Baker & Banker, Bix, Chapeau, Saison, and Zuni.

            There are also places on RezBook that don't show up on OpenTable, notably Izakaya Yuzuki.

            1. Thanks for recs. High end places are all full, but who would expect otherwise on a holiday weekend? Will find culinary bliss among the smaller, ethnic places.

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              1. re: MarkC

                The high-end places aren't all full. Ame, Atelier Crenn, Coi, Keiko a Nob Hill, and Saison have openings.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Thanks, didn't check those. Will give them a try.

                  1. re: MarkC

                    Also, calling places that say they are full on Open Table can sometimes yield results.

              2. Thanks for everyone's recommendations. We ended up eating at Dosa for the first night and Hakkasan the second. Dosa was terrific, and they have a communal table for people who come without reservations. At Hakkasan there were no tables, but there is an extension at the end of the bar that seats two and is the size of a normal dining table, so that's where we sat. Food was good, not amazing, but the service was very attentive.

                Walking around, we saw that Sons and Daughters was right around the corner from our hotel, and we'll give that a try next time. I wanted to go to Z&Y but my wife didn't agree. We'd been there last time we were in SF, and nicknamed it "the burn center".

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                  I'm glad things worked out for you. Could you say more about what you tried at Hakkasan? We've had few reports on the place.