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Dec 25, 2013 10:14 AM

Help for a late Thursday night dinner

Landing at 7:45 on Thursday, Jan. 2 and staying at the Prince Conti in the Quarter. We had a 9:30 reservation at the Pelican Club but they just called to say they won't be open that night because of the Sugar Bowl. I figured 9:30 would be a safe bet but who knows when we'll get in. Any recommendations on a good late night place in the Quarter -- nothing too fancy for this meal. Any recommendation would be appreciated. I thought about the Palace Cafe, but Im not sure. Dives are fine too. Thanks for any help

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    1. Bombay Club in the Prince Conti is pretty good. Certainly the right location. Check to see if they are open.

      1. We have stayed at the Prince Conti many times.

        Often, because we are schlepping in late, tired and uninspired, we hit Remoulade on Bourbon. Same kitchen as Arnaud's. Fairly serviceable food and a nice bar. Relaxed atmosphere.

        Other options:
        - Kingfish on Conti. Never eaten, but have been served a martini by Chris McMillan...a highlight of my imbibing career.
        - Green Goddess on Exchange Alley
        - A seat at the bar, at Mr. B's for barbecue shrimps

        1. Thank you all for the tips.

          1. Sylvain.

            When coming from the airport, avoid the Superdome exit off of I-10. Instead stay on I-10 to the Orleans Ave. exit and access the French Quarter from the east side.

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