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Dec 25, 2013 09:27 AM

Unagi restaurant in TOkyo

I always to go Shimakin for Unagi, is there another good one that you can share info??

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    1. how about matsuyoshi, kandagawa, kabuto, obana or hitsumabushi? these are the names i heard people often mentioned in addition to nodaiwa

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      1. re: Bu Pun Su

        Would that be Hitsumabushi Bincho? (Hitsumabushi is a type of eel preparation.) I've never heard of the others, except for Kandagawa and Nodaiwa, but Tokyo is a big city.

        OP, any preferences for budget? The 200-year-old hsop Jubako (03-3583-1319) runs around Y17,000, and has a very good reputation.

        1. re: Robb S

          thanks for catching my mistake
          I was supposed to type hitsumabushi bincho ginza - serving nagoya-style unagi

          1. re: Bu Pun Su

            Ah yes, Hitsumabushi Bincho is very good - I've had a fine meal at their main branch in Nagoya. They claim to have invented the hitsumabushi serving style.

            I like Miyagawa Honten in Tsukiji, Ryogoku in Ryogoku, and Hatsuogawa in Asakusa. The last is like stepping into a time machine and emerging in 1961 shitamachi.

            I'm looking forward to trying Ishibashi in Edogawabashi and the highly rated Unagiya in Ekoda.

            I wasn't very impressed by Nodaiwa, but YMMV.

            1. re: Robb S

              I've never been impressed by Nodaiwa either time I went (one time for wild and one for farmed). But then again, I am frequently disappointed with the other "best" places which get frequently mentioned on this board and other english language sites.

              I'd recommend Ishibashi if you want a simple unaju at lunch (less so for a more elaborate multi-course unagi meal). Will try Hitsumabushi next time.

              1. re: tigerjohn

                "Casual/comfort food" such as katsu, unagi, ramen, okonomiyaki etc. (or in the western counterpart will be burger, pizza, burrito)

                Would it be realistic to expect having a transcendent-kind of experience when we eat them?

                1. re: Bu Pun Su

                  I wouldn't put unagi in the casual comfort/food category but regardless, I think it is possible to have a "mind-blowing" experience with casual/comfort foods.

      2. Not an obvious choice, as it's a kyo-ryori place, not an unagi restaurant per se, but the grilled unagi at higuchi has to be among the best in town (much better than obana or nodaiwa imo), and if you ask ahead they can increase the serving size, and i'm sure add other preps... No english spoken, but the lady of the house is very good at speaking slowly and clearly.

        1. For me, Nodaiwa and Obana are both overrated. The prize for the best unagi restaurant, both in terms of the eel and the sauce, go to Tomoei (0465-23-1011). Not in Tokyo but in Odawara City, but it is worth the trip. In any event, do call the restaurant in advance to check if they have got natural, wild eels, the texture is simply different.

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          1. re: CWFOODIE

            This place is good, particularly when they have the wild eels. I don't think their farmed eels stand out as much (still excellent though).

            1. re: CWFOODIE

              is there much to do in odawara city tho? also how would u compare it with kabuto / obana? ive been to nodaiwa and thought its very very average...

            2. Thanks for the knout. Yet other than Nodaiwa. Do the other offers shirayaki?

              My favorite Shimakin at Isabashi ( surprised no one mentioned) doesn't offer shirayaki
              I also N & O s unagi overrated.

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              1. re: yrtx4e

                I thought shirayaki is a standard dish in any unagi restaurant. Tomoei does serve shirayaki.

                1. re: CWFOODIE

                  I thought shirayaki is more common in Kansai area but not in Shimakin at Idabashi or The one in Asakusa