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Dec 24, 2013 07:44 PM

Birthday Cake for 10-12 Peopl

Need suggestions for bakeries to order a good birthday cake from. Open to anything!

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  1. Veneiro's does really delicious and really affordable birthday cakes - I got one for my sister's birthday over the summer (ordered online and was able to pick cake flavor, frosting flavors, etc.). Really great and it was ready for pickup as promised and looked (and tasted) amazing.

    1. Two Little Red Hens, especially for the Brooklyn Blackout chocolate cake.

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        Love that chocolate cake!
        Note for the OP- it a serious dense chocolate cake for chocloholics.....

      2. Baked is hands down my favorite bakery for birthday cakes.

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          I'll have to try the "Stump de Noel."

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            Riverman their cakes are so good, IMO they have the perfect crumb for American style cake. Very even, perfect moisture level, neither dry or wet, not too compact and not loose/airy. Their sweetness level is also more moderate than many other bakeries. Currently they only have a store in Red Hook but are opening a branch in Manhattan next year. I'm anticipating it even more so than the new Laduree in Soho. The only negatives are that I've had some quality control issues at Baked, if there's a "mistake", they don't scrap the cake, they sell it. And they don't bake more than 1-2 cakes so flavor selection is extremely limited.

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              Sounds great. I hope they'll open their Manhattan location soon. I wonder if they're related to the "Baked by Melissa" mini-cupcakes.

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                Totally unrelated :) And totally different league of quality :P

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            Ended up ordering the Green Tea cake from Baked. They were extremely accommodative with my short deadline. I'll report back to CH after I try it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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              Reporting back to CH, a little bit overdue. I must say, coming from Manhattan, Baked is definitely out of the way, so I'm not sure if I would get it again unless I had a car or lived in Brooklyn.

              To start off, I'm not too fond of cakes to begin with. However, the green tea cake was a great success at the party as everyone liked it a lot. I wish I could go into more detail but I'm completely biased towards loving ice cream cake.

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                I'm glad everybody liked the cake :) Baked is opening a location in Tribeca so you won't have to travel as far.

            2. Sugar sweet sunshine

              1. How about something different, like Lady M?

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                  I was thinking of doing Lady M Green Tea Crepe Cake, but the birthday girl tried it a couple of times already. Thanks for the suggestion though!