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Dec 24, 2013 02:46 PM

Day-After Wedding Brunch

Hi there Chowhounds! I am a very stressed bride-to-be, and need a bit of help. My mom is hosting a day-after brunch (the wedding is a saturday night in may, so this would be the sunday after), but we don't know where to have it. This would be for a large group (maybe up to 70 people), we would like to keep this to $50/per person after tax, tip, and including drinks. Most people are staying in midtown east, so easily accessible from there would be preferable. No specific cuisine, just a nice place that can accommodate this large group, won't break the bank, and would be delicious. Something fun or unique would be the cherry on top. My mom noted that since the wedding is black tie and the food will be very elegant, maybe something more homey would be a nice idea for the brunch. Thanks!

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  1. Are people staying mostly at one hotel? If so, it might be easiest to have the brunch there if they have the facilities.

    In my experience, both as a guest at many weddings and also as someone who got married in Manhattan, people want to have something eat and leave. Going to another location requires people dragging bags with them, or leaving them at the hotel and then returning there to get the bags. Just my opinion.

    1. What about Little Owl?

      Granted, I know very little about their costs, etc., but it fits the bill for homey and I would imagine it would be within your range.

      1. How about Chinese and how about lunch-ish (like noon)?

        If yes, and yes, then how about Land of Plenty on 58th/3rd?

        With a group of that size you could probably book up, if not the entire restaurant, then at least the 2 back rooms.

        Good luck.

        1. I know that the place gets very mixed reviews by the Chow crowd, but how about Brasserie 8 1/2? They have a private room (I'm not sure how many it holds), and a buffet - ($32.pp) which should keep it at about your budget - and it's a place I would use for a "black tie" crowd. I often take visitors there, and it's always been a success - partly because people can eat as much or as little as they wish of whatever they like - more breakfasty or lunchy, hot or cold.

          1. Maybe the best brunch in Manhattan these days is down on the Lower East Side (Avenue B between 3rd & 4th) at FONDA! Really laid back and really delicious food. There's a brunch special of entree plus all you can drink for 1 1/2 hours at $25 per person, but we always go over that because the appetizers are SO wonderful we can't resist.

            It's a great place for a group event.

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              I don't think Fonda would be big enough for the OP's party—they'd likely have to buy out the whole restaurant for the morning. (I also wouldn't come close to calling it the best brunch in Manhattan, but it's good.)