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Dec 24, 2013 01:28 PM

Any way to save a broken custard?

I'm making a chocolate pie from a friend's recipe. I followed her steps and the cooked custard came out great with a lot of whisking. (ingredients were sugar, egg yolks, heavy cream, corn starch, cocoa powder, salt, instant coffee) The last step was to pour the hot custard over some chopped dark chocolate, with a little butter added and whisk until smooth. It broke or curdled. Kind of looks like an oil slick on the top of it. When I was doing that last step, I thought I should have tempered it before just adding the whole thing. I don't want to diagnose the problem, just find a way to save what I have made. It is now cooling in the refrigerator, until I can come up with a fix.

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  1. I would probably let it come to room temp, then whip or beat it in my mixer to blend the oil back in, then fold in some whipped cream. It won't be the same recipe as your friend's, but it will still be tasty.

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      Thanks, That is basically what I ended up doing, but I admit I added some instant pudding mix powder in with the whipped cream to get it to set up a bit. Against my normal way of cooking, but hey, we do what we have to do.