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Dec 24, 2013 09:46 AM

Quirky Bridal Shower Inquiry

Greetings Chowhounds!

I am looking for a quirky place to have my bridal shower. I am hoping to stay away from places that are a little too "stuffy." I am looking for something non-traditional and not too close to a tea party, unless it actually was a Mad Hatter's tea party... Atmosphere should be modern, low-key, but I wouldn't want to limit suggestions. Farm to table dining would also be amazing to find!

Budget should be about $30/person or less. I would like to have brunch or a substantial lunch served. Ample parking is a plus. A private or semi-private are would be nice.

I am open to options in Silver Spring, Rockville, Olney, Columbia, Baltimore County and even the City proper. I would rather it be closer to Baltimore than Silver Spring.

Thanks for the help, guys! My gears are turning, but I want to get lots of opinions!

Take care!

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  1. I recently went to an event at Victoria's Gastropub in Columbia. They did a nice job with our group of 18 women (I'm not a cake person but everyone enjoyed it). Our organizer worked with them to create a menu of 3 choices for lunch. We had a semi private area off to the side.

    1. A brunch at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore sounds right up your alley. Modern but low-key atmosphere, although I think you need about 40 to get a private room. You also might want to consider Gertrudes in the Balitmore Museum of Art, especially if you're planning this for the spring/summer. I've seen private areas set up outside overlooking their sculpture garden, which certainly would be a quirky setting.