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Dec 24, 2013 08:16 AM

Unique Indian Dishes (Vegetarian)


I'm from Buffalo, but travel to Toronto on a somewhat-regular basis. I am interested in restaurants in the GTO that offer interesting vegetarian menus. I've looked at the menus for restaurants that were recommended in previous posts, and they seem to have the same typical (albeit delicious) vegetarian dishes (saag paeer, chana massala, dosas, ect.) that I've enjoyed countless times in the past. I'm looking for something different, something interesting, and something well-executed. Price and location are unimportant, and I am open to any and all regional Indian cusines.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. If the Highway 27 & Albion Rd. area north west of the city is ok, I suggest Exotic Indian Cuisine, closed Monday, phone 416 798-4449, check out the website. Family owned, chef Kishor can be called, explain what you are wishing to be prepared, ask what he might like to prepare, a very good possibility I am sure!!!

    1. There are some good South Indian places around, which tend to be all veg or veg with fish. Try sambar, idli, rasam, avial. uttapam - or a buffet or thali to get a taste of lots of dishes.

      Udupi Palace in Little India has a good thali, dosas and chat.

      Saravannaa Bhavan and Nigiris have good buffets.

      Maroli is a favourite for Malabar food, but it focuses on fish and also has meat on the menu.

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        Nigris has buffets on Friday and Saturday I believe.. I like the Bombay Thali platter, a lot of very tasty food. the restaurant is large and basically almost empty, but they do a tremendous volume of take out and I was told that almost all of it is sold to people immediate to the restaurant, a ten minute trip! Very good vegetarian food!!!!!

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          Glad to hear the endorsement. Have been meaning to try this place. Hoping it is open on New Year's Day. Perfect hangover food :)

          How are their dosas?

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          I don't do buffet if I can help it, but I've quite enjoyed Anjappar Chettinad for South Indian food. Lots of vegetarian, but they have some meat and fish options as well. Price is right and there are several locations. Check the website, often there is a promotion.

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            A correction: it's called "The Nilgiris"

          2. Also check out Nigiris on the Gore Road, North and West of Hwy. 7 and Hwy 50 ( the extension of Albion Rd. A location also in Scarborough I believe!

            1. Another vote for Saravannaa Bhavan.

              1. Good thread.
                TrulyIndia comes to mind.
                They have jackfruit , I dont think any other Indian restaurant in GTA has it. I must say I was not impressed by their food, but I have ordered only once. They seemed very sincere , I emailed my suggestions and got a prompt and detailed reply- promising to fix the issues next time.

                Another one is pukka -
                It does not have many vegetarian offerings , but what they do have are uncommon.