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Dec 24, 2013 05:02 AM

Baltimore....table for 6 out of towners

Headed to Baltimore in the Spring. Need some help please. 2 seniors. 2 30 somethings. 2 kindergarten age boys.

1. Breakfast within short walk of Renaissance. This is for my inlaws. Nothing diner-ish. The more formal, the better. Local and sustainable is a plus.

2. Lunch/dinner options in the Inner Harbor area for days we don't want to drive. Was thinking about Roys (my boys LOVE sushi). And we are staying at the Homewood Suites, so Little Italy is very convenient. Best choice for a more casual feel?

3. Meals worth driving to....want to try Jake's for some pit beef. We would also like to find some Greek or Middle Eastern...not much of that where we live. No seafood necessary since we are in New England.

4. 1 breakfast out...Miss Shirleys? Other days we'll just let the boys eat in the hotel for simplicity.

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  1. If you want a fun dinner in Little Italy, go to La Scala. There is a bocci ball court downstairs, which is a huge hit with my kids. I'd also encourage you to take the Water taxi to Fell's Point. There is a fun sushi place right on the pier-- if the weather is nice, it makes for a perfect outdoor lunch overlooking the water. One of my favorite restaurants is also in Fell's Point-- Mezze. Great, delicious middle eastern tapas. I hope that helps a bit! Enjoy Baltimore in the spring!

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      I think the old Mezze is now closed. There is a Kali Mezze in Kali's Court,but I think that is different.

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        It's still there! Just had a great dinner there a couple weeks ago. Delicious lamb meatballs, melt-in-your-mouth roasted salmon, and tender duck confit. The pita is addictive (and a great reason to order the fabulous dips and to mop up the amazing sauces that accompany the meats). We even tried shark for the first time (at our friends' urging)-- it was a wonderful, delicious dish-- tender and flavorful. Save room for desserts too-- my favorite is the greek phyllo dough with custard, but I haven't had one there that hasn't been divine. And what's especially great is that the prices are reasonable-- you can eat quite well without spending too much!

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          My mistake. I was thinking of Mele.

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            How does Lebanese Taverna compare to Mezze?

            1. re: rizzo0904

              I personally think Mezze is a million times better in all respects-- i.e., the atmosphere and the food.

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                Thanks. We will check it out for sure.

    2. Thanks, this is great! La Scala sounds fun...we love bocce!

      What's the name of the sushi place in Fell's Point?

      And Mezze will be on my list.

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      1. re: rizzo0904

        Nanami cafe: It's not my all-time favorite sushi in Baltimore, but it's high quality and you can't beat sitting on the Ann St. pier (and I know the kids would love it!).

      2. Miss Shirley's is certainly close to the Renaissance, and wouldn't be described as a diner. Not sure I would call it formal, though. Good food, but pricey.

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          I think Miss Shirley's will be more for us with the kids. I'm guessing inlaws will just eat at their hotel, but was hoping to find them some options. Doesn't need to be formal, but not a greasy spoon.

        2. The sushi place on the pier in Fells is called Nanami Cafe. It's my favorite sushi place in the city. It has outdoor seating that is right next to where the pirate boat docks so my nephews love to come here with me too.

          Greektown is a couple miles up Eastern Ave from your hotel. I would highly recommend Samos but it might be hard with little ones because there is usually a loooong line. It is cash only and BYOB. Also closes at 9:30 I think. The best though. Ikaros is also good.

          I would recommend Blue Moon Cafe for the one breakfast out. It's on Aliceanna near Fells. It's small and can get a line outside quickly because there is no place to wait inside, but it's worth it. Miss Shirley's is solid but I work in that building so I'm sick of it and probably biased.

          Places for your in laws to walk for breakfast: Teavolve. Love that place! It's on the corner of Aliceanna only a few blocks from your hotel. Also, the coffee place at the Four Seasons across from your hotel, Lamill, has delicious coffee and has some great views of the harbor but I'm not sure about breakfast.