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Dec 24, 2013 02:53 AM

Sushi lunch near Manchester today!

Headed to Hooksett...the southern end...and looking for a place for lunch. My 5 year old requested sushi. So where do we go!??!?!

We are coming up from Nashua so we can do anything in between. Normally we do Shira Kiku but we'd like to try someplace in Manchester.

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  1. Too late to help you, but Asian Breeze in Hooksett (same plaza as Ocean State Job Lots) has decent sushi. More interesting is their "special" menu with odd animal parts and hot pot dishes.

    1. We ended up at Masa. The maki were very generous. The Indian pancake was very good. I've had better miso and salads. But overall we enjoyed it.

      1. For future reference I like Yuki on S Willow. Bitch to get to though.

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          I am with Super Grover, Yuki on So. Willow in the old Shaws plaza has the very best in town, and if you ask for a surprise they will often give you something that will wow your tastebuds.