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Dec 24, 2013 12:08 AM

What's for Dinner #263. "Can I hear him yet?" [through December 30, 2013]

Let the feasting commence.

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  1. So, we kick off with a classic potted shrimps.

    Followed by a gammon joint (that will also keep us in cold cuts for days). It'll be boiled, smothered with mustard, drizzled with something sweet (sugar, honey or maple syrup) and then finished in the oven

    Alongside, braised red cabbage - cooked in the usual north European style but I've used cranberries instead of the traditional apple. Mrs H will be doing her "cheats fondant potato", which is an oven braise in stock and some butter.

    Then some local cheese - we have Blackstick's Blue, Bourne's Cheshire and Leagram's organic tasty Lancashire. Traditional accompaniments - there's apple, celery and fruitcake. The cake, which is the first one I've ever made, is lovely - pretty much this recipe -

    And then on to dessert - prosecco & pomegranate jelly. Pom seeds fill about two thirds of a martini glass and it's topped up with a prosecco & gelatine leaf mix. It'll take a few hours to set in the fridge.

    Have a great Xmas, folks.

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    1. re: Harters

      A very merry Christmas, Harters! Looks like you've got the feasting down pat!

      1. re: Harters

        Let us know how the fruitcake turns out. I'm a very big fruitcake fan.

        1. re: gini

          Oh, the fruitcake is lovely (although it sank a bit in the middle). I made it a couple of days back and keep nibbling at it.

        2. re: Harters

          Dinner was nice. Although the dessert just didnt work. As regular readers will know I don't drink alcohol but am fine with booze in things, so I thought I'd be OK with this. But there was a very pronounced alcohol flavour that I only took a couple of mouthfuls of. Mrs H also left hers saying she found it bitter, as well as strong. She was more disappointed than me as she likes prosecco as an aperitif. Waste of good wine and lovely ripe poms. You can't win 'em all.

          1. re: Harters

            Bummer, man. Glad the rest was pleasing to the good ol' tasty-buds, tho.

        3. Up early to get the dough started for the christmas day cinnamon rolls and to get the goose (geese?) breasts out of the freezer.

          Breakfast will be pretty light today as the serious eating begins mid afternoon with heavy apps and cocktails. So excited to have the time to send with friends and family today.

          I am also looking forward to reading about (and seeing pics of) all the great eating you guys will be doing too.

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          1. re: foodieX2

            do you have a cinnamon roll recipe to share? I like them on occasion if not too overwhelmingly sweet, and am looking for a good recipe. Enjoy your family.

            1. re: fldhkybnva

              I use the one from my bread machine book, I use a lot less sugar but more butter and cinnamon. They are wonderful!

          2. It's just my husband and I at home tonight. I wanted to do a riff on the old Italian 7 Fishes dinner... so it will be homemade New England Clam Chowder, Lobster Cocktail, and Linguine with White Clam Sauce. The first two recipes come from the Grand Central Oyster Bar cookbook and the 3rd comes from my brain. If he wants dessert, my husband can have some of the carrot cake left over from his birthday yesterday.

            1. Bacon bacon bacon. Needed some bacon fat for the beef tonight so had to fry some up for breakfast. Off to a good start. Merry Christmas!

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              1. re: Berheenia

                Oh, poor you *having* to fry up some bacon! LOL

              2. Being a Jew on Christmas is a great treat for me. We have a mandatory day off and I have no commitments! Today I shall spend 4 hours at the spa getting various treatments and being pampered. Then tonight we'll go to a small plates Italian restaurant for their version of Festa dei Sette Pesche. I can't wait!

                Last night I had a classic blue cheese wedge with crispy bacon, red onion, and cherry tomatoes.

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                1. re: gini

                  lol gini. That reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld saying that Christmas for him is a great day full of Chinese food and a movie.

                  Chinese food/movie.... Italian food/spa - same thing!

                  Have a great time.

                  1. re: gini

                    Gini- have you seen this? My cousin's on my dads side are all jewish and this makes the rounds on their FB pages every year.

                    (and can I tell you the girls all do the spa thing together every year too?? Love it!)


                    1. re: foodieX2

                      How have I never seen that? Thank you for sharing!