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Impromptu Chinese Dumpling Chow Meet-Up Today, Tues 12/24

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BarryC and I emailed on a recent thread and decided to meet up today for an early lunch. Flavor Garden.

"i don't think i've had pan-fired dumplings there, but i stand behind my recommendation: flavor garden. their scallion pancakes are pretty good.

it's in the mall between wendy's & the 168 supermarket on the north side of valley west of new ave." -- barryc

So there it is -- Tues. 12/24, meet at 11:30, sit down at 12 noon.

If it is just us two, great. kevin, you said you were interested. Any other 'hounds are welcome. I've never been there, so I can't vouch for the place. I'm occupied until 9 tomorrow -- you can find my email on my profile. I can return emails or calls then.

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  1. it'd be nice to be able to put a face to some of the id's i see here.

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    1. Wonder how traffic will be at 11:30 AM on Christmas Eve. I'm working, but might I dare take a long lunch and drive all the way out from the Westside?

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      1. re: TheOffalo

        wish I could make that trip today...but, sadly, not gonna happen

        1. re: TheOffalo

          I'm driving from the westside. Just get a traffic report before you go. I'm guesstimating just over a half-hour but giving myself double.

          1. re: TheOffalo

            on fridays it takes about 45 minutes from the 3rd street promenade.

          2. BTW, as if you couldn't guess: bring cash!

            1. got two more of my regular friday lunch crowd to join us. this ought to be fun. see you all in an hour or so.

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                1. re: TheOffalo

                  not that i know of. i actually know them from dance circles, but they've joined me at various times when i get a group to go check out a new place on fridays at lunch time, usually in the SGV, but we've also hit koreatown and a few places in the south bay.

              1. I think I can make it. Might not get there till closer to noon, but will be there.

                1. Thanks to Nosh for posting.

                  Thanks to JL who apparently stopped by and left us a Christmas card. (your contribution led to a 20+% tip)

                  Thanks to DaveMP whose initial post in another thread prompted this get-together, and nice to meet you.

                  Peter aka TheOffalo: since you didn't show up, your share is only $3.75 for the fen zheng pai gu we ordered thinking you'd eventually get there and get to try it. (j/k)

                  - tree fungus appetizer
                  - spicy sweet potato pho
                  - dan dan noodles
                  - scallion pancake
                  - pan fried pork dumplngs

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                  1. re: barryc

                    more pics:
                    - spare rib appetizer
                    - shrimp dumplings
                    - beef roll

                    1. re: barryc

                      I was there for this meal as well, visiting from SF! Glad I got to try these dishes.

                      My favorite on the table was the sweet potato noodle pho, which had a perfect heat level for me. Shrimp dumplings were also great - plump and full of shrimp. I really wish there were dumplings like these in SF, but as far as I know there are not.

                      I thought the beef in the pancake roll tasted a bit like pastrami. The fillings were all cold...I think I prefer a warm filling, but still pretty good.

                      I liked the spare ribs too, and this was a prep I had had in China but never before in the US. I liked the sweet potatoes below the pork which soaked up the juices.

                      A nice lunch, and this meal definitely did meet my expectations for Chinese food in SGV. Hopefully will be back up there for more soon

                      Dave MP

                    2. re: barryc

                      Sorry. Really wanted to go but just got too bust at work. :-(

                      1. re: TheOffalo

                        Shit, I missed this earlier today.

                        And I actually was in the area if you can believe it where I did hit up Chengdu Taste.

                        Nosher, was it you and Barry ??????

                        Sounds like you took care of some good work.

                        And how were those shrimp dumplings ?????

                        1. re: TheOffalo

                          next time then. still open to the idea of dinner - i got your email.

                      2. Yeah, I also missed this event.

                        You can also email me at my email under my handle.

                        1. I really enjoyed how this turned out. Turned out to be a table of 5, with barryc bringing two friends. A ton of food for $10 apiece. I enjoyed both of the dumplings (ate far more than my share) and the scallion pancake was among the best I've had. I'm sorry, I thought the card and $5 bill were from the establishment... Very good service -- place was packed with a bit of a wait when we finished at 1.

                          I am thinking of trying this again towards the end of January, perhaps on a Friday. Or we can think about doing it on the Monday of MLK BD -- isn't that Jan 20? Dim sum? Try for Chengdu Taste? Do something different like somewhere in Grand Central Market where we could roam?

                          Really had fun -- looking forward to doing it again. Suggestions about date, venue, etc. can be continued on this thread until things solidify enough to start a new one.

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                          1. re: nosh

                            Sounds like fun. I am sorry I missed it.

                            1. re: nosh

                              >> I thought the card and $5 bill were from the establishment... <<


                              1. re: J.L.

                                thanks again. it was a pleasant surprise! though it might have been even better if you'd been there to join us.

                                1. re: J.L.

                                  So where you there a few minutes before them and then made a surreptitious escape ??????

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    Had to have been way more than a few minutes before. I got there about 45 minutes early and they gave me the card. I didn't open it -- gave it to barryc.