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Dec 23, 2013 11:30 PM

Moving back to Evanston.. just heard fox and obel closed.. now what?

Hi, Soo I am late to the party I guess but just realized F&O closed earlier this year.
I am moving back to the chicago area from France and this was our saturday morning ritual to get a few great ,if expensive, items.

It is the only place in town I knew that carried smoked duck magret (duck prosciutto), had a great deli with spanish hams and gravlax and other fun stuff, had fresh duck legs and breast and good old world bread..

Anyway.. Do you guys have a similar one stop shop for hard to find food stuff and fresh deli/meat/special seafood items?

Or am i doomed to have to go to several stores depending on my needs? I mean part of the appeal was going there not knowing what I would buy and always coming home with something special (it is a little bit of a hike from Evanston) and often duck related..

that and the variety duck/ham/cheese products.
I guess eataly has opened now, but it is not what I am looking for (though I am excited and will go).


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  1. I do not know whether the new Mariano's on Halsted at Madison carries duck prosciutto but I did notice that it has an oyster bar with people sitting there slurping fresh oysters so this store is not exactly the A&P. You might check. F&O got in trouble with the Health Department. Fortunes of war.

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      Fox & Obel was on a decline for a few years, so many of us did our grieving long before the doors shuttered. Lucky for us, and now for you, Chicago has many worthy replacements. For a foodie amusement park full of surprises, check out Eataly. This is your best best for one-stop, specialty shopping. Small stores with a few ducky products that I'd recommend include Harrison's Poultry Farm in Glenview (an easy jaunt from Evanston) and Olympic Meat Packers on Halsted in the West Loop. Ironically, I found Olympic after I struck out finding fresh duck breasts at F&O, to make duck prosciutto (it is surprisingly easy to do, in just a few days). Olympic said they sold to F&O, and their price on Maple Leaf Farms frozen duck breasts were indeed significantly cheaper. On my first trip I first saw duck bacon, and I love their well-priced and sawed to order beef steaks. Also in the west loop, Publican Quality Meats and West Loop Salumi have delicious artisanal products. Old school places I like are JP Graziano (Italian grocery and deli in the West Loop, get a sandwich) and Paulina Meat Market in Lakeview (take Ashland down from Evanston; their lamb bacon is a hidden gem, and their specialty brats are always a hit). Welcome back, and Bon Appetit!

    2. Not a one-stop shop, but for specialty meats (including smoked items as well as fresh), Zier's in nearby Wilmette is outstanding.

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        Welcome back bro! You've been gone too long.

        Some of us really missed your insights :)