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Dec 23, 2013 11:15 PM

Hong Kong

Looking for at least 1 great dim sum meal. What is your favorite? Tim Ho Wan? I'm only in town for a long weekend so I don't want to wait for hours.

I am planning on going to Peking Garden for Peking Duck. Should I go somewhere else?

I have reservations at Lung King Heen & Tin Lung Heen. Do you prefer 1 over the other? Are either worth the price?

Only in town for a few days and only want Chinese food. Where should I go?? Please help! Thank you!

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  1. 'Seventh Son' for dinner.
    Above & Beyond, Lung King Heen or Tin Lung Heen for Dim Sum with a view.
    Ming Court for Dim Sum without view

    1. You have the high end covered. Both Lung King Heen and Tin Lung Heen for one weekend is a bit much in my books. How about some low end stuff? Joy Hing, Yat Lok, clay pot rice at Temple Street, Australian Milk Company, Mak's wonton noodles.

      I'd go for that one great dim sum at Lung King Heen.