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Dec 23, 2013 10:44 PM

Mongolian BBQ.... is it extinct in NJ?

Are there any Mongolian BBQ places left in NJ? There used to be a number of restaurants that did Mongolian BBQ in the Morris, Essex, Union area, but it seems they're all gone. It was so much fun loading up a bowl with various meats, vegetables, noodles and sauces; and then watching it all sizzle as the chef cooked it atop the huge, scalding hot Mongolian grill.

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    1. PJ lee's Mongolian BBQ is still there in Bricktown

      P.J. Lee's
      706 Route 70, Brick NJ
      (732) 262-0002

        1. I know I have seen Mongolian Grills at most of the Chinese buffets in Morris County. They look fine but I have never tried any. It is worth checking out.

          1. Ha! I remember going to Khiva (?) in Morristown and thinking it was such a fun, unusual experience when I was in my...teens? How times have changed! And you're right--there used to be on one in Millburn, too.

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              It was a tradition to eat there before going to the Papermill!

              1. re: Curlz

                I remember Khiva, too. Did they serve popcorn on the way out or am I hallucinating and thinking of one of those Chew and Choke steakhouses to which my parents took us?

                1. re: scarlet knight

                  I can't say I remember popcorn there...

                  1. re: scarlet knight

                    Never saw popcorn there when I went to Khiva.

                  2. re: Curlz

                    I remember Khiva also. Used to eat there every few months. Forgot my Amex there one night, didn't use it for a few weeks, was eating at Khiva again, went to use it and it wasn't in my wallet. I was eating with the same friend, who said to think back and remember the last time I used it. I thought for a minute and told him it was with him a few weeks back. Went up to the register, asked about it, and the guy took it out of a drawer under the register.

                    Good food there, my memory says it was a little better quality than some of the buffet places that have similar grills these days.

                    And to agree with some other posters, I think the sauces are key. I know that Khiva had better meat and sauces than the Mongolian Grill that used to be in New Brunswick.