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Dec 23, 2013 08:41 PM

Freezing Soy Milk

I am constantly opening a carton of soy milk for a recipe only to have the rest of the carton sit in the fridge till it goes bad. I was wondering if I could freeze the soy milk in an ice cube tray and pull out a few cubes when needed.

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  1. I freeze all kinds of milk in glass jars, soy, hemp, coconut and almond milk. You have to shake it up after it thaws, but it freezes nicely.

    1. I don't know about putting the soy milk in the ice cube tray for storage because I think the ice will slowly evaporate overtime.

      You can freeze the soy milk, but you should store them in a closed lid container or a bag or something enclosed.

      1. Sure, freeze it! But after the ice cubes are frozen solid transfer to an airtight ziplock or tupperware- otherwise they may end up tasting like freezer funk.