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Dec 23, 2013 08:36 PM

tofu shelf life once opened?

I am an inexperienced tofu eater. I opened a package of firm tofu monday, and put it between 2 plates to press it. I was planning to eat it that night but we ended up going out. Tuesday's dinner has to be something else, so my question is... can I stir fry that tofu (that has been refrigerated) on Wednesday night?

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  1. Probably a little late for this particular package of tofu, but I've kept opened tofu for about a week in the fridge, in various stages of pressed, or unpressed and submerged in water. They tell you to change the water every day if you store it, but I usually forget.

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    1. re: patricium

      Thanks. I threw it out. Smelled a tad sour. Could have been in my head but I didn't want to chance it with kids in the house.

    2. You can also freeze it! Changes color slightly, but some actual suggest freezing to gain a "meatier" texture. I recently learned about this option and am thrilled, since I frequently find myself wasting tofu I left open in the fridge too long.

      1. it keeps well for a week submerged in water. We change it every few days.

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          A week sounds about right. I've kept it around for as long as 2 weeks with no problem (changing the water daily) but t usually gets used up at my house well before that.

          I love the stuff but I don't eat it nearly as much as I used to anymore because frankly, current thinking seems to indicate that it's not a particularly healthy food choice (though admittedly, there are certainly plenty worse choices).

        2. to my palate, 5 days submerged in fresh, filtered, water.
          i'm sure that it can be safely eaten after that, but, to my tastebuds it is not acceptable.

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            I guess my take is…would you eat other "leftovers" in your fridge after 5 days? 3 days? I have 3-4 day rule, which is advised by food safety folks for most foods (homemade mayo the exception) Just because you can't smell something bad, doesn't mean it isn't potentially harmful. For example, there has to be a considerable mold load developed on the food before your nose can detect it. Eating low levels of mold still exposes you to carcinogens that it is best to avoid. Other toxins that cause food poisoning can be completely undetectable by smell.

            As an alternative, you can always freeze tofu. The texture becomes more firm, which is even desirable for some people!

            1. re: Science Chick

              when i think about it, in practice (although not in theory), i guess i really do adhere to a 3 day limit. . ..

              when i make my eggless egg salad out of tofu, it rarely lasts more than a day. . .