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Asheville -- questions and observations

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Just spent a few days in Asheville and enjoyed the rich array of restaurants, as usual. But I came away with several questions.

One is, how can the Red Stag Grill, in Biltmore Village, get by with charging $35 for a rib eye steak that was poorly trimmed and full of gristle? And taking over an hour between serving the appetizers and serving the entrees? And not serving wine when asked? And running out of two of the dinner specials by 7:00 pm?

Another is, why does Cucina 24 present itself as an Italian restaurant and then organize its menu in a very un-Italian menu kind of way? And think that only having 2 pastas on the menu is appropriate or adequate for an Italian restaurant? The food we had was good, and the wine list was strong, but the menu was disconcerting.

Any thoughts? inquiring minds want to know.

Great lunches at Early Girl and the Corner Kitchen!

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  1. Red Stag is in Billtmore Village...lots of tourists.