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Dec 23, 2013 07:41 PM

Bogg's Cranberry Liquor

Anyone remember it? Anything out there that's even close?

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  1. I was hoping this was new...not a sounds interesting.

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    1. re: brilynn79

      I had a bottle way back in the 70's. Intense cranberry flavor. I enjoyed it over ice or with some club soda. I imagine, like any unique liquor, there would be a host of things one could do with it (over vanilla ice cream, etc.), but never got around to doing anything else with it.

    2. That was a little before my time, but I rather like Pama Pomegranate liqueur, which I imagine would be along the same lines.

      1. I've had the Clear Creek cranberry liqueur, but not Bogg's. It is bright and tastes just like cranberry. A lot of people feel that Pama tastes like cranberry, and I'd have to agree that is does somewhat. Pama is widely available (at least around Boston), whereas the Clear Creek product is not.

        Leopold also makes one, but I haven't had it, and I seem to recall a cheaper brand that I've seen somewhere.

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