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Dec 23, 2013 07:31 PM

About to visit - a few specific questions on tours, icecream, tacos [San Francisco]

My last post didn't go over so well. I know I'm supposed to do my homework but I haven't had a moment to myself recently. I would be very grateful if anyone could respond to the following few questions, which I've tried to make as specific as possible:

1. Would either the Boudin factory tour or the fortune cookie tour (Chinatown) be a fun and worthwhile excursion w/2 kids (8, 11)?

2. If you went on a taco crawl in the Mission, what are the top 2 stops for pastor, carnitas, asada?

3. Re ice cream places that are recommended (Mr Mrs miscellaneous, Slocombe, bi-rite), do any have a nut allergy friendly policy? Our best local scoop shop will use clean scoops and new unused ice cream tubs to minimize cross contamination. Naturally we always bring our meds anyway.

4. Besides Tartine, what are other 1 or 2 best bakeries in the same European style? In the city proper, not outskirts.

5. Best day/time to go to Off the Grid food truck gathering with kids (i.e. when lines are not each an hour long - typically at night at least in LA). EDITED - Just saw this was closed till next year. Next best similar large food truck gathering?

Much thanks. Looking forward to a little R&R in your lovely city.

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  1. I didn't realize that a fortune cookie factory gave tours. The one in Ross Alley is fun, but it's a five minute experience.

    1. If you are walking by Fisherman's wharf the Boudin factory is fun to look in, but depends on your kids on the tour. Same with fortune cookie factory. Most locals without kids have never been : ). My boys 9 and 12 would rather do other things, but like looking in the window at Boudin.

      We don't have nut but do have Celiac. All will use clean scoops , but the problem is that the scoop shops here usually only have 1-2 buckets of any flavor, then when they run out they swap in a new flavor. Not sure about the flavor issue. I'd put my money on Mr. and Mrs. misc. catering but I would call first.

      1. 1. we did a north beach / chinatown food crawl yesterday and that was quite excellent. Lots of places to look at, eat, stop and play.

        3. Our kids new new favorite is smitten. Most of their flavors dont have nuts (very simple list of ingredients)

        4. Craftsman & Wolves, B. Pattiserie, Knead Pattiserie (and a couple more in bernal) are all awesome fairly new bakeries and well worth a visit

        also i've not done it as yet, but have heard good things about the tcho chocolate factory tour (on the embarcadero)

        not sure if u r planning to visit either the exploratorium or the academy of sciences, but both have fairly solid food offerings within the museum


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          If you go to Knead Patisserie be sure to get a Pomme d'Amour. Yum!

        2. Taqueria San Jose for tacos al pastor.

          Craftsman & Wolves for pastries.