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Dec 23, 2013 03:45 PM

best French restarant hear the Omni Shoreham hotel

Hi all,
Please recommend a French restaurant near the Omni Shoreham hotel in D.C.
Kitty Sklar

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  1. Petit Plats is just ok, but it's probably the only French restaurant within walking distance of the Omni.

    1. we'll probably go with Petite Plats, which we know well, but we're open to others at greater distance. Thanks.

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        Old school French has kind of gone out of style in DC. A few that are still notable, roughly in order of distance from you:

        Bistro du Coin (Dupont Circle)
        Marcel's (OK, Flemish/Belgian and not French, but one of the best restaurants in the city, and priced accordingly - West End)
        La Chaumiere (Georgetown)
        Cafe du Parc (Downtown)
        Central (Federal Triangle)
        Bistro Bis (Capitol Hill)
        Montmarte (Barracks Row)

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Good point - I'd forgotten about Le Diplomate.

          2. re: kksklar

            Traveling for a better restaurant is always worth it. I recommend Central Michel Richard. Food here is very rich, so don't over-order. Highly recommend (in this order) the faux gras, macaroni and cheese, the fried chicken, tuna burger, short ribs, lamb shank, steak au poivre. But not all at one meal.

          3. La Fourchette. Just don't go for brunch.

            1. Interesting no one recommended Mintwood Place. It's French bistro fare, not far from your hotel. I have only been once and was not very impressed, but it caused quite a stir when it opened. I'd rate it above Bistro du Coin.

              There's Bistro la Bonne on U Street, which I think is very cozy and pretty reliable food.

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              1. re: hamster

                Good call, the flammekeuche at Mintwoood Place is one of the best things you can eat in DC. A must order.

              2. Depends a little on what you are looking for when you say "French" (and maybe "near" too ;).

                Central's menu doesn't really strike me as "French" but perhaps that's because as Daniel mentions the classic French is out of style. If you want steak frites you could go up to Medium Rare in Cleveland Park.