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Dec 23, 2013 03:38 PM

any tripe dish anywhere between Poughkeepsie and Kingston???

I live in Rhinecliff and my birthday is on the 31st. On the 1st of Jan. we want to do a big party with all my favorite foods. One thing I love is tripe -- in virtually any preparation. I would love to do some takeout of some tripe dish to add to the party. I can drive as far as Poughkeepsie on the east side of the river or Kingston (and maybe north to Saugherties) on the west. Any ideas? Menudo or gopchang jigae or chinese intestine soup or tripe tacos that would stand up to take out -- any would be good.

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  1. Formosa Cuisine in Poughkeepsie (in front of Marist) has a tripe dish (#311 on menu): I've never tried it though, but it's a great restaurant.

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      If you have the menu, can you tell me what item 311 is? Ironically, the restaurant has the menu on-line but the one section that's missing is the 300 range.


      1. re: adorno

        Intestines in hot sauce. You can click through the photos for their entire menu. I would recommend that you call them to confirm the tripe dish b/c I've never eaten it.